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Ken Ravizza on Gaining Entry to Teams

Ken Ravizza

How to Improve Credibility As a Mental Coach I just finished reviewing a video of Ken Ravizza speaking at the 2017 AASP conference on gaining entry with teams… Ken said that you must know the culture and history of the team. Is it a winning team? Do they have a losing history? Have there been a lot of coaching changes? …

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Education Helps Athletes Accept Mental Training

Sport Parent Coaching

How to Find the Teachable Moment How can you convince potential clients that it is worthwhile for them to spend time and money working with a mental coach to improve their game? This is a question an MGCP asked recently…. My answer: It’s hard to “convince” athletes and coaches they need mental game coaching unless they see a need for …

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Top Mistakes Mental Game Coaches Make

Age for mental training

How to Understand Your Athletes’ Needs A mental game coach trying to establish himself recently asked me this question: “What is the number one mistake mental coaches make on the first session with an athlete?” I’ll give two answers to this question today because I think the answer depends on your philosophy about how to do mental coaching… First, I …

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Challenges As A Mental Game Coach

Mental Training Commitment

How to Help Athletes Apply Skills If you work with athletes on their mental game, you know most of your clients can understand the mental strategies you teach. But the big question is: Can they apply what they learn to practice and competition? My #1 challenge as a mental coach is helping my athletes apply what they learn to practice …

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Engaging Athletes in Mental Training

Mental Coach Certification

How to Introduce Mental Training to Athletes Do sports parents contact you asking how to introduce mental training to their athletes? Parents can recognize that their athletes are under performing due to anxiety, perfectionism, or lack of focus—before their athletes notice it. And parents see the need when their athletes perform much better in practice than competition… But parents are …

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Mistakes I’ve Made as a Mental Coach

Mental Skills Coaching

Mental Coaching Mistakes I’ve made many mistakes over the last 20 years as a mental game coaching professional. But, I’ve learned from them… When I started out – in the early 90’s – being a full time mental coach wasn’t a common career path. Most sports psychology professionals taught at a University and consulted with athletes and teams in their …

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