MGCP Testimonials

What Graduates Say about MGCP Program:

“Created a Platform and Foundation”

~Rick Sessinghaus, PGA Tour Coach

“I Got More Than I Expected, Much More”

“There is so much information that I absolutely love and one reason I would so highly recommend this training for anyone who asks. I can say I got more than I expected, much more.”
~Dan Strasser, MGCP

“Very Concrete and Applicable Strategies”

~Nika Pavic

“Very Concrete and Powerful”

“This Program Stretches Your Mind and Capabilities as a Coach”

At any level of sport, your mindset makes a significant contribution to your performance. More so at the elite level where it is the difference that makes the difference, it all starts with your thinking. Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program taught me how to help athletes understand how their mind and their thinking can be their best friend or worst enemy, how mental blocks can sabotage performance and what to do to overcome these obstacles so athletes can be the very best version of themselves, more often. There’s no doubt this program stretches your mind and capabilities as a coach. You will find it tough and demanding but ultimately, stick at it and it will be incredibly rewarding. The mixture of videos, readings, case studies, exercises, webinars and role play exercises means you get everything you need to help an athlete give their brain and body a positive blueprint of who they want to be when competing and how they want to go about their game.”*
~Mark Russell, MBA, MGCP

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program exceeded my expectations”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program exceeded my expectations. His dedication and love for what he does shows in his teaching styles and his ability to thoroughly explain tough topics. I took this course because I’m a firm believer that an athletes mental strength is the most vital piece to their success. I wanted to be able to educate and help bring awareness to athletes about the importance of their mental game. My athletes are already seeing results and I cannot wait to see their overall growth. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to be an individual mental strength coach or that wants to help build their teams overall mental game.”*
~Meghann Treacy, MGCP

“Dr. Cohn’s program provided excellent understanding of the mental game”

“When I first learned trap shooting, the experienced old timers who taught me the game all agreed that after you’ve shot for a year or so the sports becomes only 10% technical. The other 90% is mental. Sounded wise to me at the time, but it became clear that none of them had any mental game coaching advice. I was technically trained by 2 of the finest trap shooting legends in the world. Their mental games were undoubtedly awesome, but that was a skill they only touched upon. over the years I figured some mental game lessons out for myself and shared them with young fellow shooters. I enrolled in the MGCP course because I was frustrated by what I didn’t know. Dr. Cohn’s program provided excellent understanding of the mental game, how to think about it, how to apply it, and how to make a difference with it. Our weekly class discussions were challenging, intense and extremely fulfilling. They say that “delight” comes from getting all you had hoped for and much more that you never even thought about. this package has it all. I’m delighted to be counted among the graduates.”*
~Robert Petersen, Ph.D., MGCP

“MGCP course has taught me how champions think and act”

“Peak Performance Sports’ MGCP course has taught me how champions think and act. I have learned through Dr. Cohn’s practical, clear lessons and his patient guidance how to teach these skills to my own students. I want to thank for sharing your experience and insights about mental coaching. You inspire us to commit to the process and explore our fullest potential as athletes, teachers, and people.”*
~Curtis Way, MGCP

 “…The MGCP program is great!”

“The information in the MGCP program is great! The arrangement of chapters, supportive handouts, case studies and homework assignments inter-leaves the information, analysis and planning together nicely.”*
~Gene Moretti, MGCP

“Provides a framework and step-by-step method”

“I’ve been involved in coaching for over 30 years and included mental skills to help close the gap between potential and performance. I’ve attended numerous workshops relating to sport psychology throughout my career along with receiving a graduate degree in behavioral studies. Dr. Cohn fully shares his knowledge and extensive library of audio, visual, and printed materials with his class. What I found most valuable is that this program provided a framework and step-by-step method of evaluation and implementation of the sound principles that he teaches; all of which are research based, accepted, and on the cutting edge of sport psychology.”*
~Jim Bonfiglio, M.Ed., Certified MGCP, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134

“Helped me to become a better coach”

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing so many of your ideas which has helped me to become a better coach. Last week, you sent me a handout about compiling a game plan when playing a practice round. I used that this weekend with one of my junior golfers that I have been working with for a month and today he won his first tournament of the year. I am not writing because he won, but because of your effort, I am better prepared to teach the mental skills of golf. For that I am thankful.”*
~Chuck Yaeger, MGCP

“All of our doubts and questions have been answered in full”

“Overall my MGCP Course gave me a new powerful way to work, I was very lucky to be in a class with interesting and competent students that made the learning even more extensive. We had discussions guided by Dr. Cohn over questions and issues brought by all classmates that added further insight to the program. All of our doubts and questions have been answered in full. I now have many new ideas and tools to work with my students in order to make my mental game programs even more useful and enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Cohn!”*
Camilla Dettori, MGCP

“A perfect fit for a busy lifestyle

“The MGCP certification program is a perfect fit for a busy lifestyle.  The program has allowed me to continue parenting and coaching along with managing the course work and get the most out of it all.  Dr. Cohn has given us the most practical and relevant tools to be successful in helping athletes learn to be mentally in control of their sport and their lives.  Due to the hands on work with case studies throughout the course I feel confident in applying the strategies with athletes.”*~Leslynn Kleespies

“Exceeded my expectations and then some”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program exceeded my expectations and then some. I appreciated Dr. Cohn’s interest and integrity during the MGCP program. I took the program because I wanted to learn a real system for working with athletes and teams. Dr. Cohn’s approach to uncovering the athlete’s main obstacles to success and then having the strategies to help the athlete were exceptional. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is or wants to be a Mental Game Coach. It is obvious that Dr. Cohn is committed to providing his students all the tools necessary to excel as Mental Game Coaches.”*
~Dr. Mike Procaccini, MGCP

“The MGCP program will be vital to your success!”

“I earned a M.S. in sports psychology from Ball State University before completing the MGCP course. The MGCP program helped me better apply what I know about sports psychology to working with athletes I currently coach. The MGCP case studies and handouts provided during the course were right on! Dr. Cohn’s extensive experience with mental coaching was evident in both the course materials and weekly classes. If you are a coach or professional helping athletes or performers succeed, the MGCP program will be vital to your success!”*
~Reyna Gilbert, M.S., MGCP

“The best investment I have ever made!”

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed the MGCP certification program. It has really helped me understand the mental game, but more importantly has outlined a game plan I can use when working with my athletes. It has probably been the best investment I have ever made!”*
~Rodney King, MGCP

“Exactly what I needed”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP certification program was exactly what I needed. I searched long and hard to find a program just like this. His specialized MGCP training & certification program provided me with the extra “edge” and mental game tools I needed to expand my practice into sports and improve my mental coaching programs for athletes.”*
~John R. Ellsworth, MGCP — Listen to John’s MGCP Success Story

“Better equipped with my new and fine-tuned mental coaching tools”

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge in the area of mental game coaching. The organization and content of the MGCP program manual is an excellent and valuable reference to mental coaching with athletes. You have enhanced my knowledge about peak performance and performance enhancement. I feel better equipped with my new and fine-tuned mental coaching tools and skills to be effective mental game coach. Thanks again.”*
~Marc Anderson, LCSW, MGCP — Listen to Marc’s MGCP Success Story

“I am excited to utilize this throughout the next year”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to take your MGCP Course. I am so happy I was able to take this class with you. I am excited to utilize this throughout the next year and to utilize your knowledge as much as I can. Thanks for doing what you do!”*
~Jennifer Croneberger, MGCP — Listen to Jen’s MGCP success story

“Can’t be found elsewhere”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program is an outstanding opportunity to advance in the mental work with athletes. It is all practical, soundly theoretically based, and covers the major aspects. Dr. Cohn is an impressive authority, a good presenter, and assists with additional or tailored information whenever asked for. The web site as knowledge base, and the program itself offer compiled information, that can’t be found elsewhere (I’ve completed other programs, and know other web-sites in this field). My deep and sincere thanks for the course – it was impressive, the weekly classes as well as the entire program. I am honored by and very happy with the MGCP program, thank you.”*
~Wolfgang Kuner, MGCP

“The MGCP method is fantastic and really works!”

“Working with Dr Cohn’s MGCP program was a great opportunity, giving excellent quality tuition and materials, which have enabled me to grow my business as a sports mental coach. Dr Cohn’s method really works as my clients are really impressed with the great positive impact it has had on their performance. The video conference’s were also an excellent way of learning and having contact with other coaches in different countries…really brilliant and fun. The MGCP method is fantastic and really works! Thanks for an excellent training course and the support you provide to us.”*
~Helen Emms, MGCP

“Guarantees to make any graduate a success”

“I loved the MGCP program and I am grateful to Dr. Cohn for creating it. I would highly recommend it to anyone with the desire to become a mental game coach. I especially liked having to work with athletes while completing the program. This helped with skill and knowledge application. Also, Dr. Cohn’s selfless sharing of knowledge, handouts and activities guarantees to make any graduate a success. Dr. Cohn is an impressive instructor and facilitator of the materials of the course and shows a deep interest and investment in wanting all of his students to succeed.”*
~Cheryl Rohweder

“Very helpful in helping us win this year”

“The high school baseball team that I have worked with the past two years won the state championship. Our school won our fifth straight conference title at George Fox. At the Western Regional’s we placed third. The information from the MGCP certification class was very helpful in helping us win this year.”*
~Marty Hunter, MGCP

“It’s opened many doors for me”

“I truly appreciate for this opportunity to learn from you. I have found this to be opening so many doors for me and the response has been amazing. These tools you have given me are such a great resource for the area and I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into assuring our understanding and ability to apply the material.”*
~Gina Carlson, MGCP

“One of the most useful courses and certifications I have ever taken”

“The MGCP program has been one of the most useful courses and certifications I have ever taken. I use it almost daily and have helped more people with the tools you have provided me than anything else in all of my years of teaching and coaching. I plan to continue to provide these services in the years to come and hope to strengthen our relationship since I have more time to teach with my reduced work responsibilities.”*
~Larry A. Bennett, MGCP

“I am so thrilled to have been a part of your classes”

“Since I enrolled in the MGCP program, one of my students has taken a 360 degree u-turn. His first tournament out for this season ‘He Won’! I’ve never seen this kid so confident, his expectation levels were low, and he played in the process beautifully. He prepared for the tournament like a pro and to watch him perform in the raw conditions of the weather was a piece of art. I am so thrilled to have been a part of your classes. Thanks again for this program. I really appreciate it.”*
~ Ron Laster, MGCP

“Many of the approaches were immediately successful”

“Just a short follow-up on a success story. The place kicker for University of Cincinnati missed 2 PAT’s and “shanked” a 20-yard field goal last week in his first college game. I was asked to work on his mental preparation. The problems(s) with his performance were very consistent with many of the athletes, who do not perform well – negative thoughts, decreased confidence, failing expectations, and poor mental preparation for games/kicking attempts. In addition to developing a plan very consistent with your approach, I had the film crew prepare a video of his “successful” attempts. During the game last night (on ESPN), he went 5-5, and even kicked his personal best/longest – 55 yards!! I was very pleased that many of the approaches that were developed through your program were immediately successful.”*
~Peter J. Ganshirt, Psy.D. MGCP

“It’s a must for all serious coaches”

“The MGCP course exceeded my expectations. Having studied Psychology along time ago at University, and having attended numerous mental training courses through the PGA, I was hesitant at first about the financial investment of US$4000. But having completed the course I feel that it represents remarkable value, especially when you consider the number of supporting documents, which you can use with your students. The MGCP program is the packaging of a complete mental training program for athletes, and represents the study and experience of Dr Patrick Cohn over the last 20 years, and is a must for all serious coaches.”*
~Jonathan Wallett, PGA member, MGCP

“The knowledge was vital”

“Thank you Dr. Cohn for delivering such a great certification program. The MGCP has been different from other classes I have taken. With MGCP I received a clear plan to take my athletes through; a detailed understanding of the cause/effect relationship of mental skills, and the most important part was the numerous resources supplied to help train athletes on the mental game. The knowledge was vital, however what made the difference was the application of the knowledge through real case studies and interaction with the class. I can’t wait to use this with my athletes!”*
~Rick Sessinghaus, MGCP

“Refreshing and inspiring!”

“I want to thank you for a great course. Your ability to relate the research into practical terms and to an unbelievably wide variety of sports was invaluable. You readily had real life examples to illustrate the practical side to mental game coaching and sport psychology. Your openness to share all you have learned and help new MGCPs maximize their potential and avoid common errors was refreshing and inspiring. A real bonus is the resources I now have to continue my successful coaching. I look forward to ongoing communication and collaboration with my MGCP colleagues. Thank you!”*
~Dean Hebert, MGCP, Mindset for Performance

“MGCP program was extremely valuable and well organized”

“Peak Performance Sports’ MGCP program was extremely valuable and well organized. Dr. Cohn’s professionalism and experience comes through in the resources and handouts that are provided, the case studies and homework that are required, and the real life business examples. Dr. Cohn does a great job challenging the MGCP’s to be better and puts us in a great position to be successful as a mental game coaching professional. I would strongly recommend the MGCP program to anyone who wants to improve their abilities and the performance of the athletes they work with.”*
~Jeff Flees, Golf Confidence Coach

“Take the course and watch your athletes excel”

“As a psychologist, I had read theories about maximizing athletic performance for years. What I lacked, however, was a systematic, concrete approach to assist an athlete in unlocking his/her maximum performance. Dr. Cohn’s assessment instruments in combination with his workbooks on the critical elements and post competition evaluation forms gave me, the coach, the much needed tools I needed to apply my knowledge. Having taught these important principles for twenty plus years to elite athletes around the world in all types of sports, his depth of knowledge is unsurpassed. Take the course and watch your athletes excel!”*
~David A. Williams, Ph.D., MGCP, Atlanta, GA

 “Now, I have the knowledge to help athletes perform at their best”

“As part of my professional development in the work of sports psychology, I entered the MGCP Program. I wanted a program that has an applied sports psychology focus. Dr. Cohn used an adult learning model to teach the course, providing academic content and experiential components. The most significant thing I learned, as a mental game coach, was the stages of mental coaching. Before the course, my delivery of sports psychology topics was limited. Now, I have the knowledge and a comprehensive understanding on how to help athletes perform at their best.”*
~Tony Melito, MGCP

“I wish I’d done this certification course earlier!”

“Dr. Cohn, You have provided me with a very organized and effective structure (including training materials) for coaching mental skills. I was already applying some of these strategies while still undergoing the program, and the feedback from my athletes was very positive. I wished I’d done this certification course earlier!”*
~Hanson Bay, BSc PSY, BA PE

“It’s been one of my best investments”

“I am so pleased with the MGCP program provided by Dr. Cohn. His teaching style and organization made learning from him both fun and energizing.  He has prepared me well to work with any sport or athlete I choose.  This program not only prepared me to provide Mental Game Coaching, but also gave me a new perspective on the importance of the mind and success. Thanks for all your hard work and it’s been one of my best investments.”*
~Wayne E. Davidson, LMHC, Certified MGCP

“It really gave me confidence”

“The MGCP course is excellent and it really gave me confidence and excitement to move forward with MGCP as part of my coaching business. It was a pleasure to be in the course.” 
~Nick Doulias, MGCP

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