Self-Paced Course (Non-Certification)

What’s Included In The Self-Paced MGCP Program?

Workbooks for Athletes

To stay competitive and win, a coach needs to refine physical skills, teach game strategies, and develop teamwork. In addition, successful coaches know how to motivate team members, instill confidence, focus, composure, and how to get the most out of athletes.

The mental game coaching professional self-paced program is ideal for coaches, like you, who want to implement tested and proven mental game strategies.

Armed with field-test sports psychology strategies and proven techniques, you can coach your athletes more powerfully and lead them to victory more often. The self-paced mental game coaching program will provide you with mental game coaching tools and techniques to empower your athletes with the latest strategies such as…

  • How to uncover the mental game challenges that are hindering performance.
  • How to implement sports psychology techniques to overcome mental barriers.
  • How to instill confidence, focus and composure in every practice…and even during the heat of competition.

If you have at least five years as an athlete or coach in your sport of expertise, have an understanding of the mental demands of your sport, and the desire to increase your knowledge about mental game coaching and sports psychology the self-paced program is for you!

What You Get…

  • The MGCP 20-chapter workbook including exercises to teach you how to identify mental game challenges and obstacles that influence performance; develop mental skills individual and team members; and improve teamwork and communication.
  • Outlines and flow charts to help you understand the over mental coaching process and the phases of mental coaching
  • Audio of imagery programs (hockey, dog handling)
  • A series of sports psychology e-books on goal setting, confidence, focus, pregame and preshot routines.
  • Use of Dr. Cohn’s Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile (AMAP) and GMAP (golfer’s version), to help you identify an athlete’s or team’s mental game strengths and weaknesses.
  • Use of the Team Cohesion Aptitude Profile (TCAP) to assess team cohesion; and a sports parent’s profile to use with sports parents.
  • Examples of pre-seminar questionnaires to use before you give a seminar to a group.
  • Over 60 mental game coaching handouts you can use with your students and help you give effective team seminars.
  • 20 real-life case studies focusing on a different challenge in sports psychology and Dr. Cohn’s solution to each.
  • Examples of mental imagery programs (hockey, dog handling) that MGCPs can develop for students.
  • A list of books, audios, and other resources you can purchase to enhance your mental game coaching knowledge.
  • A one-year subscription to membership site with all member benefits. This gives you the ability to email Dr. Cohn with any questions you may have about the MGCP program for one year! ($395 value).
  • Four audio case studies in sports psychology in which you hear Dr. Cohn work with a golfer, tennis player, and a triathlete.

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