5 Reasons Athletes Don’t Do Mental Training

Mental Coach Survey Says

Why do some athletes and coaches not embrace mental training? What can you do as a mental coach to help them adopt mental coaching as part of their regular training?

First, here’s what my mental coach survey says about why athletes don’t embrace mental training:

1. They don’t understand how mental training can help (54%)

2. They don’t want to spend money for mental training (46%)

3. They don’t value or believe in mental training (39%)

4. They lack commitment and follow through with the skills (32%)

5. Athletes give up too quickly when they can’t apply mental training skills to competition (27%)

Today, I’d like to address the first two challenges about why athletes don’t embrace mental training…

Athletes Don’t Understand Mental Training

We find this is the number one reason that athletes do not embrace mental training. They simply don’t understand what it is and how it can help.

And when they don’t understand it, they shy away from it. Part of it is that they have the wrong impression about working with a mental game coach.

But you are in full control of this challenge for athletes! Why? You can educate athletes about the benefits of mental coaching and how it will help them.

We use newsletters, surveys, podcasts, and videos to help educate athletes and coaches on the benefits of mental coaching.

Athletes Don’t Want to Spend Money on Mental Training

Unless it’s provided by a team coach, some athletes are reluctant to spend money on mental training. The reality is that not every athlete can afford it.

Keep in mind that with young athletes – high school and younger – and even college athletes, we are hired by parents and coaches, not athletes.

One way to help with this challenge is to have many levels of mental training programs for athletes.

For example, if they can’t afford the one-on-one coaching, we suggest one of our cost-effective products they can start with.

Can athletes afford not to engage in mental training? I work with MX racers who spend $20,000 or more on each motorcycle and they might travel with 4 bikes! That’s a lot of money.

You would think that they have the budget for mental training. If they lose focus for two seconds and wreck a bike, that’s a huge cost for them.

You’ll learn more strategies to help athletes embrace mental training in the Spring 2020 MGCP course.

The final day to early register for the Spring MGCP certification is Jan 8th, 2020. Download the application and return to me before that date.

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