Athlete’s Mental Edge System

“Discover A Workbook System to Accelerate Your Athlete’s Learning And Boost Their Success”

New Workbook Program Improves Mental Coaches’ Efficiency, Organization, And Success

From the Desk of Dr. Patrick Cohn

Dear Mental Coach or Team Coach,

If you’re an established mental coach or just starting your career would you believe me if I said that I’ve discovered a new system that will help your athletes improve faster and add value to your mental training programs? I want to make you a believer…

What’s the number one challenge that prevents your athletes from succeeding with your mental coaching program? Here’s a hint: It’s not your skills as a mental coach. It’s not your commitment to help your athletes improve…

If you’re a team coach, have you struggled to incorporate mental training into your practice routines? Do you have athletes that have a lot of physical talent but lack confidence and trust in their skills? If so, please read on to learn about how to put mental training on autopilot for your team…

I’ve discovered, after working with athletes for 30+ years as a mental coach, your athletes’ inability to apply mental strategies to competition is their biggest challenge. Your success depends on how well you can bridge the gap between education and application.

Allow me to share a short story…

About three years ago I launched a new program called “The Golfer’s Mental Edge” CD and workbook, which was very successful. A year later I produced a similar CD and workbook program called “Tennis Confidence.” Both programs were based on my popular Confident Athlete CD and workbook series.

Here’s My Discovery…

I soon discovered that my workbook program was an incredible method to accelerate my athletes’ learning with mental game strategies. Why? I used the workbooks to help my athletes learn between each session.

Here’s the important part… I found out my athletes learned faster and came to the sessions more prepared! The workbooks did the basic “teaching” for me and I would simply do the fine tuning or “coaching.” My students and I were able to discuss the strategies they learned between sessions–so they were more prepared.

Thus, we could accomplish a higher level of coaching in each session.  I didn’t have to teach the basic concepts. This method allowed me to instead focus my energy on helping them apply the mental strategies to practice and competition. (If you are an MGCP, you know I use this method to teach the certification course).

I soon started adapting the workbooks for use with all athletes, as I did not want to be limited to using this technique just for golfers and tennis players. And the results were phenomenal. My athletes were more prepared, more organized, and came ready to discuss mental game strategies for success.

MGCP Students Are Raving…

I took the next logical step and tested out the workbook system with the Mental Game Coaching Professionals (MGCP) I certify in my system. I shared the first two workbooks with the Spring 2012 MGCP participants. They loved the approach and ease of use. They asked me to develop an entire series of workbooks–ones that can be used for the top mental strategies I teach.

For the last six months, we’ve been developing an entire series of workbooks designed to help athletes learn mental strategies specifically with the mental coach in mind.

Today, I’m happy to introduce the new workbook series for mental coaches and sports coaches called…

Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbook Series
Mental Game Strategies for Success in Sports

Mental Edge Workbook System

This new workbook series was designed for coaches and mental coaches to use with their athletes. The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks complement your existing mental training program—they do not replace your regular one-on-one coaching sessions.

The Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbooks Help You:

  • Improve your athlete’s commitment to mental training
  • Organize homework assignments and strategies you provide
  • Accelerate your athlete’s learning curve with the mental game
  • Allow you to do more coaching or fine tuning and less “teaching.”
  • Improve organization to your follow up sessions
  • Obtain timely feedback from your athletes about their use of mental skills in competition
  • Add perceived value to your current mental training programs (this is big if you offer a mental training package instead of individual sessions).

Who Benefits from The Mental Edge System?

I designed the Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system for both mental coaches and sports team coaches. And no matter if you are a 20-year veteran mental coach or just starting your career as a mental coach, you’ll love the simplicity of the workbooks and your athletes will appreciate your organization.

  • Mental Coaches: This system is ideal for between-session education.
  • Team Coaches: You’ll be able to conduct 15 team seminars using the workbook system.

What’s Included in the “Athlete’s Mental Edge” Workbook System?

Workbooks for Mental Coaches

19 easy-to-read, practical Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbooks on PDF. Each workbook helps your athletes improve a specific mental skill in sports psychology that will help accelerate your athlete’s learning between your sessions.

16 Coaches’ Game Plan MP3 Audio Files. Each MP3 program helps clarify the objective of the workbook (Great for coaches who do not have a formal training in sports psychology and want more details).

I have to admit, this is the most comprehensive workbook system I’ve completed to date.

Each workbook includes succinct mental game strategies and highly relevant exercises for your athletes to compete.

But Wait, It Gets Even Better…

I’ve bundled over 60 Mental Edge Bonus documents–valued at $500 alone. We’ve made my new system super easy for you to implement and use with your athletes or teams.

All 15 workbooks in the system come with:

Athlete’s Mental Edge Worksheets on PDF and DOC. The Mental Edge Worksheets have just the workbook exercises to make document transfer simple and efficient. (A $150 value).

An Athlete’s Post-Competition Assessment on PDF and DOC. Each post-competition assessment asks your athletes to assess their mental game performance after competition. (A $150 value).

That’s a total of 90 documents including the Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks, Coach’s Mental Edge Game Plan audio programs, and bonus documents above.

We designed the workbook system to simplify and organize your job as a mental game coach and accelerate your athletes’ learning.

What Mental Skill Areas Do You Include?

Each of the workbooks in the Athlete’s Mental Edge System teaches your athletes’ a specific mental skill to improve their performance. These topics were selected based on my 30 years plus experience doing mental coaching with junior, amateur, and professional athletes.

These are the top 18 mental skill areas I teach to my personal coaching students, which I now am sharing with you in this unique workbook system:

  1. Mental Game Strategies for Overcoming High Expectations
  2. Mental Game Strategies for Optimal Concentration
  3. Mental Game Strategies for Superior Confidence (3A)
    Mental Game Strategies for Confidence Killers (3B)
  4. Mental Game Strategies for Improving Trust In Your Skills
  5. Mental Game Strategies for Coping With Mistakes
  6. Mental Game Strategies for Coping With Perfectionism
  7. Mental Game Strategies for Overcoming The Need For Approval
  8. Mental Game Strategies for Self-Acceptance in Sports
  9. Mental Game Strategies for Consistent Performance
  10. Mental Game Strategies for Pregame Preparation
  11. Mental Game Strategies for Performing Beyond Comfort Zones
  12. Mental Game Strategies for Coping with Pregame Jitters
  13. Mental Game Strategies for Smart Goal Setting
  14. Mental Game Strategies for Coping with Fear of Failure
  15. Mental Game Strategies for Efficient Practice and Training
  16. How Parents Can Help Athlete Perform Freely
  17. Mental Game Strategies for Help Athlete Return from Injury
  18. 7 Lessons to Improve Teamwork and Communication

You don’t have to be a certified MGCP to use my workbooks. You can integrate the workbooks to fit your existing coaching plan. And you can assign the workbooks in any order you choose, depending on what skills you teach and your philosophy about coaching athletes.

“The Mental Edge Workbooks are the missing link in the MGCP program.”

~Bob Simpson, MGCP

Or if you’re a team coach, you have 15 perfectly designed team seminars or one-on-one mental coaching plans you can follow step-by-step from 1-15. First, ask your athletes to read and complete one of the workbooks. Second, use the discussion questions we provide to lead the team meeting or mental training seminar.

Also, be sure to listen to the Coaches’ Game Plan audio program prior to the team meeting. The Coaches Game Plan audio program will help you understand the top objectives of each mental game lesson.

What’s the Cost Dr. Cohn?

As a fellow mental coach or coach, you have earned the right to receive the best pricing I can offer. The entire package–including 90 documents in all–is only $598.

Entire System and Bonuses only $598.00

Workbooks for Mental Coaches
Order Athlete's Mental Edge


No Shipping Charges! Yes!

That’s ONLY $40 per Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook that you can use over and over again with your athletes, not to mention the worksheets and post-competition bonuses I’ve bundled with my workbook system.

Do You Have a Payment Plan?

Yes, we offer you the flexibility to pay for the “Athlete’s Mental Edge” workbook program in three monthly payments. You pay in three equal payments of only $199.00 US. You must use a valid credit cart for this option.

Workbooks for Mental Coaches

IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD! No Shipping Charges! Yes!

Let Me Be Clear About What You Get

We have thought of every possible way to make this program a winner for you and your athletes. You’ll be able to download all the files instantly after purchase. Here’s what’s included:

  • 15 Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbooks on PDF
  • 15 Coaches’ Game Plan Audio Programs on MP3
  • 15 Athlete’s Mental Edge Exercise Documents (with a minimum of two and up to eight worksheets in each document) on both PDF and Word
  • 15 Athlete’s Post-Competition Assessments on both PDF and Word
  • 166 Discussion Questions on one Word file

If you’re good with math, that’s over 90 documents ready to use to help you be more efficient and accelerate your athletes learning! When you’re successful with your athletes, they’ll tell others about your work!

I dis NOT brand the workbook under Peak Performance Sports umbrella. They are branded as the “Athlete’s Mental Edge” workbook system. So don’t worry about sending them to your athletes as is, with no changes.

Thanks for reading about my exciting new workbook system for mental game experts and sports coaches. Please contact me if you have any questions about the program.

Your Master Mental Coach,

Dr. Patrick Cohn

P.S. Here’s what a current MGCP student recently wrote to say, which other MGCPs have shared with me:

“I am impressed with the willingness and openness of Dr. Cohn to share all of his assets (intellectual, products, etc.) with the MGCP students. You have developed an incredible model/package for mental training. Even though we are paying for your service, you are passing on a legacy built on your contribution to the world of sports. Thank you for that.”

~Coach Tony Melito, MGCP

ORDER NOW with confidence knowing I stand behind my work as a master mental game coach. If you want to order via phone, call 1-888-742-7225.