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At Peak Performance Sports, we want athletes and professionals to succeed—whether on or off the court, track, field, or course! In addition to satisfying the requirements to join the program, each certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (SM) has received over 100 hours of comprehensive training, hands-on mental game coaching, and has passed our annual mental game coaching proficiency exam.

Dr. Cohn has spent 1000s of hours teaching certified MGCPs his secrets to help athletes enhance performance consistently—repeatedly.

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Dean M. Hebert, M.Ed. Certified MGCP
Scottdaile, Arizona 85251
Cell: 480-600-3506
Web: Mindset for Performance

Dean works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. He earned his B.S. in Rehabilitation and Master’s degree in Education Administration from the University of Arizona with post-graduate work in sports psychology. Dean is also a certified hypnotherapist. Dean is a Master’s All-American runner himself and works extensively with runners, triathletes and duathletes. He has been an invited presenter at many regional and national conferences. He specializes working with youth athletes in all sports; and has won national recognition awards for excellence as well as a congressional award for service to youth. Dean’s varied background enables him to be effective with a wide variety of environments, individuals and team sports. He works with you to “get the right mindset”.

Alexis Hill, certified MGCP
Phoenix, Arizona

Alexis began her athletic career playing volleyball at the age of eight and playing throughout college. Alexis is passionate about all sports and focuses equally on “mental skills” as well as physical skills. In addition to being an athlete, Alexis has experience coaching girls club volleyball for ages 7-18 years old which allowed her to invest not only volleyball foundation, improving skills, but invested in the mental performance of her athletes.  Alexis has focused on improving their confidence and focuses on peak performance. She understands the pressures of becoming a premier athlete physically, emotionally, mentally, and the social demands of young athletes. In her years of competitive sports, Alexis overcame adversity with injuries and had setbacks along the way which is what drove Alexis to focus on Sports Psychology at Grand Canyon University and obtained her MGCP certification where she focused on tools and building a framework for her athletes.

Heidi Melendez, MC, LPC, MGCP
Chandler, AZ
Phone: 815-757-6510

Heidi began her athletic career as a figure skater at the age of five. Since that time she has remained passionate about sport and fitness and has seen first-hand the ins and outs of competitive athletics. As both a competitive athlete and coach Heidi has developed a keen awareness of the significant role the “mental game” plays in ones performance and life experience. Heidi believes that sport is an excellent metaphor for life’s challenges and can serve as a framework from which to strengthen oneself both as an athlete and an individual. Heidi holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is certified as a Mental Game Coach. As a professional, she has worked extensively with adults and children struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and athletes with eating disorders and has over 10 years experience coaching figure skating. Heidi also has extensive experience running groups, delivering presentations and facilitating workshops on issues related to wellness and personal growth and development. As an athlete, Heidi competed through sectional level as a Junior Lady in figure skating prior to pursuing her academic goals. Over the past year Heidi has become actively involved in both the cycling and triathlon communities here in Arizona. Heidi has a passion for health and fitness as well as growth and personal development. Heidi hopes to use her skills to inspire others to fitness in mind, body and spirit.

Cristina Gutierrez, certified MGCP
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: 480-206-4724

Cristina Gutierrez is a Head Coach for Youth Club Soccer – ages 7-16. Her background includes 10 years Youth Club Soccer participant, 2 years New Mexico State Team (ODP) participant, 1 year El Paso City Select Team participant, 4 year High School Varsity Letter in soccer, 4 Year Illinois State University NCAA Division I Soccer participant, and 6 years competitive club soccer coach. An athlete’s mental preparation and game time application is crucial to his/her performance. There are many contributing factors which may become detrimental to an athlete’s success or necessary for an athlete to become successful in a sport. Without mental training athletes are missing the most important skill in performance. Coaches and trainers spend much too little time on mental training the most important aspect of an athlete’s optimal performance. If athletes can learn these skills at an early age they will become more successful in the future with life and sports situations.

Daniel England, certified MGCP
Pheonix, AZ
Phone: 623-251-1003

Daniel England is the track and field head coach for the Arizona Lions Club ages 7-18. He is Jamaica’s high school track legend, holding the high school records twice in the 200m and 400m. Alongside the famous Usain Bolt, both were awarded athletes of the decades in 1990 and 2000 respectively. He represented Jamaica at the international meets such as the Carifta and the World Junior Games. He was the first Jamaican to rank 8th at the World Juniors Olympics. England holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He is USA/IAAF and MGCP coach certified.

Patty Egan, certified MGCP
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602-809-4184

Patty works with individual athletes as well as teams to teach them how to reach their peak performance by enhancing their mental game. Patty was a collegiate Cross Country and Track & Field athlete. She has a BA in Physical Education, Concentration in Coaching Competitive Athletics, a MAEd in Counseling, USATF Level I Certification, and is a Mental Games Coaching Professional. Patty has over 25 years of teaching and coaching experience where she has consistently brought her teams to top 10 State Championship finishes. Many of her athletes have gone on to compete at the next level where they continue to thrive. Patty has been an invited presenter at a variety of team camps where she shares her knowledge, passion, and experience on training for optimal performance (both physically and mentally). If you are serious about ramping up your results, contact Patty Egan for more details.


Robert Petersen, Ph.D., certified MGCP
Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512

Robert holds a Master’s Degree from Illinois State University in Sociology with a minor in Educational Psychology. He also holds a Ph.D. from the Research Methods and Statistics Training Program at Univeristy of Wisconsin – Madison. Robert has used his background to develop performance improvement measures for a wide variety of businesses, as well as smart phone apps to collect and analyze trap shooting performance for individuals and teams.

Robert is a Class A trap shooter and an avid league bowler. He has studied visualization extensively prior to achieving his MGCP Certificate and has coaching experience with trap shooters as well as equestrians and gymnasts Robert has experienced and firmly believes that most athletes are capable of much high levels of performance than they currently demonstrate. He finds fulfillment in helping them achieve their personal peak performance levels.


Rick Sessinghaus, Psy.D, PGA, certified MGCP
Burbank, CA
Phone: 818-843-1004

Rick Sessinghaus is known as “Golf’s Mental Coach”. Rick is the expert on the mindset principles that make or break performance on and off the course. His coaching has helped top junior, collegiate, and professional golfers reach new levels of performance. He is an Instructional Editor for Golf Tips magazine and can be seen on Fox Sports Network as a mental game contributor. Rick’s book Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game has been featured in national golf magazines and used by leading golf instructors across the country as the “best resource to improve your mental game.”

As a former professional golfer, Rick has now found more satisfaction helping others achieve their dreams than he did in his own competitive career. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success Rick studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance adding to his Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications, Rick received his Masters and Doctorate Degree in Applied Sports Psychology. Member of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association of America); Certified Master Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); Member of AASP (Association of Applied Sports Psychology).

Dave Neer, MA Sport Psychology, Certified MGCP
Cameron Park, CA 95682
Phone: 559-360-6228
Web: Silent Mind Sports

Now retired from teaching and coaching at the college level, Coach Dave Neer is still developing his potential, not only in his golf game but his performance coaching. “I moved from a focus on teaching the golf swing, to a focus on the mental game, to a more complete focus combining all aspects of the development of a golfer – Fitness, Technical(Swing Mechanics), Equipment, and Life Skills.”

Dr. Barry Lotz, certified MGCP
La Quinta, CA
Phone: 760.777.1925

Dr. Barry Lotz specializes in improving golf performance by setting realistic goals, positive preparation, using concentration, mental rehearsal techniques, and minimizing stress. His mental mastery techniques have helped numerous top PGA Touring Professionals achieve higher rankings and victories on Tour.

Christy Frikken, certified MGCP
Perris, CA
Phone: 520.280.9244

Christy Frikken has been a professional skydiver for the six years competing in 4-way and 8-way. She is a member of Perris Fury, one of the top teams in the world. In addition to being one of the founding members of Perris Fury she has been honored with the Skydiver of the Year award in 2007 and has competed with US Women’s 4-way team in 2008. When not training, she coaches individuals and teams on their physical, technical, and mental games. Christy has also organized industry shaping projects, including the Fury8 teams, which has allowed many amateur skydivers to train and compete with world class skydivers.

Linda Suzanne Strazzulla, certified MGCP
Placentia, CA
Phone: 714-614-7983

Linda played soccer for 19 years including professional status with the New York Power in the WUSA and Division I soccer at California State University, Fullerton. She was a five letter sports winner in High School; Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis and Cross Country. She currently trains soccer goalkeepers. She has coached soccer at three different Division I institutions including Long Beach State University, Manhattan College (NY), and St. John’s University (NY). She teaches players how to improve mental toughness based upon her experience as an athlete and by enhancing confidence and dealing with every-day and competitive distractions.

Sharon Kerr, MA Sport Psychology, certified MGCP
Reedley, CA
Phone: 559-240-8898

Sharon has been a golf professional for over forty years teaching all levels of golf from juniors to professionals. Sharon received her BA in psychology and her MA in sport psychology from Fresno State University. Sharon has worked with golfers and softball players to improve their mental game. Sharon was head golf coach for women at Reedley College for three years. Recently Sharon has been one of the assistant softball coaches working with the team exclusively on their mental game. Sharon enjoys working with all athletes to improve their mental game.

Christopher Farina, certified MGCP
Riverside, CA
Phone: 650-740-7814

Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Santa Clara University and is presently working towards a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As a full-time competitive skydiver and coach, Chris has worked with individuals and teams from the U.K., Canada, Spain, Russia, Venezuela, Australia and many other countries. Having competed at every U.S. Nationals since 1999, starting as an amateur and turning Pro in 2005, has provided Chris with a unique perspective regarding the mental game and elite minded coaching. Currently competing at the World Class level, with his team Perris Fury; Chris can provide current and real world experience to help with your mental game challenges.

Steve Nave, certified MGCP
San Diego, CA

Steve earned an MBA at Chaminade University and a BS at Hawaii Pacific University in Business Administration. He is a Level 1 Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiologist (CHEK), Golf Biomechanic Certified – CHEK, and Nutrition Lifestyle Coach Level 2 – CHEK. He is also a Metabolic Diet Typing Advisor Advanced – Health Excel and a Health & Fitness Instructor – American College of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is a retired Navy SEAL with 23 years of service and a Navy SEAL Instructor – Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Center.

John Ellsworth, certified MGCP
San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 235-1500
email: or

John holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in sports psychology and is presently a doctoral candidate in the field. John brings a multifaceted approach to the mental aspects of sports and health. Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, John has extensive experience coaching high school and college teams, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, and middle school athletes. In addition, John’s personal success in professional baseball and amateur sports is testament to his ability to apply the concepts he teaches: goal setting, perseverance, life balance, belief in self, and mastery of the mental game. John is a member of AASP, NASPSPA, APA Division 47, and CAMFT.

Olga Penickova, certified MGCP, USPTR
Campbell, CA
Phone: (219) 351-0617

Olga is a professional athlete, who was born into a family of pro athletes. Her older brother is a former NHL Hockey player. She starting playing tennis in her homeland, Czech Republic at age 4. As a Junior player she achieved a Top junior ranking while representing the Czech Republic on their National Team. From there she achieved a Top 30 ranking on ITF tour. She went on to play on WTA Tour for 8 years achieving a career high ranking of top 200. Since leaving the pro tennis tour she’s been working as a teaching Tennis Pro working with Junior and adult players. Olga is a MGCP and USPTR certified professional.

Lauren Lenahan B.A., MGCP
Long Beach, CA
Phone: 781-626-3187

Lauren is from and resides in Boston Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor’s in Sport Psychology from Lasell University (MA). She was a star 400m sprinter and holds the record at her University for the 4×4 relay. Lauren was a captain and was an assistant coach when her team was left without a coach for a whole cross country season. She also interned with her Universities Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse team teaching them team cohesion and improving their dynamics. The Men’s team made it to the finals and the Women’s team received the championship title in 2018 during her time with them. Lauren has since been fully invested in her Mental Performance Coaching business that she started on her own. Her favorite mental game issues involve improving confidence and using anxiety as a positive. She bases her work off of positive psychology and her favorite life motto is: Just do it.

Vijayagopi kaviyarasu, certified MGCP
Sanjose, CA
Phone: 408-802-0157

Vijayagopi  holds a Masters degree in Computer Application and is passionate about understanding in applying the learned skills through Mental game coaching, vijay played cricket for 16 years and played professional cricket in the competitive 1st division senior league of TNCA, represented Madras University along with many other Junior category representations. Vijay believes that most athletes are capable of achieving high levels of performance than they currently demonstrate, with his Technological background he works with individual athletes as well as teams to teach them how to reach their peak performance by enhancing their mental game. Vijay finds fulfillment and happiness in helping athletes achieve their personal peak performance levels through systematic approach of applying the mental game to sports as well in life.



Hugo J. Fontalvo, MGCP
Colorado Spring, CO

Hugo Fontalvo’s passion is identifying pathways unique to a person’s talents, skills and commitment by creating an environment which facilitates next leveling their potential. As a United States Marine, he performed as an enlisted instructor at Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia. He applied the practices of discipline, commitment and focus, which made him successful as an instructor, to the soccer field by playing for the Quantico Marine Corps soccer team. His passion for competing also led to him participating in various intra-military tournaments. Hugo has earned a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from Lynn University as well as a master’s degree in Leadership from H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University.

Hugo established a tennis academy for underprivileged children in the Fort Lauderdale area and is a PTR Tennis coach. He coached soccer for school programs as well as the International Law Enforcement tournaments as a coach/player. He has worked with young athletes to develop their leadership, playing and life skills. His coaching approach is built around the whole person. Hugo lives with his wife in Colorado Springs, CO and he enjoys tennis, reading, coaching, and skiing.

Andrea M. Risi, LPC, MGCP
Denver, CO
Phone: 720-425-5334
Website: Mental Coaching for Athletes

Andrea is a Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) for athletes. She has a Master’s Degree in Professional Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC & LMHC). She has a private practice in Denver where she works with athletes on mental performance, and has experience training teams on the mental game as well. Andrea played team sports through high school and has been an endurance athlete for over 20 years. She has participated in road racing, finished Ironman triathlon distance races, completed numerous 50K-200 Mile ultramarathons, and loves completing solo fast-packing adventures.

Don Roberts, certified MGCP
Arvada, CO

Cheryl Rohweder, certified MGCP
Highlands Ranch, CO
Phone: 720-312-8763

Cheryl Rohweder earned a B.S. in Physical Education, a minor in Biology, with an emphasis in Psychology from Western State College, where she was also an intercollegiate volleyball player. She was a teacher and coach at the Middle School and High School levels. With over 30 years of experience coaching, teaching and participating in athletics, Cheryl brings a vast knowledge to the mental side of sports. She specializes in working with elite youth athletes and teams; focusing on the unique physical, emotional, mental and social demands of the young athlete. She is experienced in dealing with male and female athletes, in sports ranging from, but not limited to, gymnastics, figure skating, baseball, volleyball, tennis and track and field. Cheryl’s mission is to enhance the athlete’s performance while also developing life long mental skills.

Leslynn J. Kleespies, certified MGCP
Longmont, CO
Phone: 303-210-9848

Leslynn Kleespies earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Wayne State College in Nebraska. She played NCAA Division II basketball at Wayne State. As a high school athlete she lettered in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Today Leslynn enjoys playing golf and tennis. Leslynn is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional who works with individuals, coaches, and teams. She is currently an assistant coach for the Fort Collins Stars 14A fast-pitch softball team. Leslynn has seven years of coaching experience in youth sports and has experience as a head coach for the Colorado Lynx softball club. The bulk of Leslynn’s experience is with young female athletes; however as an athlete who has played many sports and a parent of two athletes a son and a daughter, she can offer a wide range of experience to any sport or athlete. It is her goal to help athletes gain the enjoyment and satisfaction only a quality experience through sport can offer. The MGCP program has given Leslynn the tools and framework to help athletes strive for that mental competitive edge and be the best they can be.

Greg DeRoeck, certified MGCP
Phone: 720-280-1900

Greg has been a volleyball coach and player for the last 20 years. He played volleyball in Northern California from high school through college and beyond, beginning his coaching career while attending Humboldt State. Along with being a MGCP, he is a USAV CAP II certified volleyball coach and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Greg loves to work with youth athletes and teams on their mental approach to the game. Greg has a number of years of experience in playing all types of sports. His wife is a golf pro and caddied for her on a number of mini-tours. He understands the mental requirements to performing at top ability, and is eager to help athletes become the best they can be.


Sheila Dupuis, Psy.D, MGCP
Glastonbury, CT
Phone: 860.516.0123

Dr. Sheila Dupuis is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. She earned both her master’s degree and doctoral degree at California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego and currently lives and works in central Connecticut.

In addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Sheila is a Mental Game Coaching Professional certified by Peak Performance Sports. She teaches athletes & performers mental skills to increase confidence and improve performance while also having fun in their sport or activit!. She was a competitive Irish Dancer and world qualifier before becoming a certified teacher and adjudicator of Irish Dance; she works with many Irish Dancers to increase confidence and overcome anxiety related to competition or performing. In addition, Dr. Sheila works with golfers and most other individual and team sports of any age (child through adult).

Dr. Sheila has presented at multiple professional development events including the 2021 New England 3d Lacrosse Summer Camp, the 2020 & 2021 Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America (IDTANA) Professional Development Virtual Seminar, and the 2019 IDTANA Convention in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Sheila is also an adjunct faculty member at Middlesex Community College where she teaches General Psychology, Life Span Development, Health & Wellness and Death & Dying.

Gianine Paoletta Craw, M.S., certified MGCP
Stratford, CT
Web: Inner Edge Performance
Phone: 203-429-5292

Gianine has been a figure skating coach for over 30 years and is PSA Master Rated.  A Theater on Ice coach for 13 seasons, she enjoyed the thrill and challenges of coaching a team.  Formally trained as a School Psychologist, she supplemented her education and found ways to integrate sport psychology concepts into her coaching and trained her students to develop their mental game and resilience. She is determined to introduce mental skills training to young athletes and coaches so the mindset of a champion can be trained alongside the physical skills.  A parent of a former competitive figure skater and Division I Track athlete Gianine values the role of the parent and wants to help them support their athlete’s mental game.  Gianine mission reaches beyond sport and recognizes mental skills as life skills.

Amy Tardio, MGCP, ACC, CMC, CPC
Tardio Advisory Group, LLC
Greenwich, CT
Phone: 917-847-5037
Web: Perform Sports Psychology

Amy specializes in confidence, motivation and strengths. Her work on integrating a positive focus with a strategic mental game plan is ideal for both pro-active goal setting and managing the frustration, setbacks and doubts all athletes inevitably experience.

Amy’s background includes over fifteen years as Senior Editor at GQ, Women’s Sports & Fitness and Self Magazine. Her experience working with numerous experts athletes, parents, coaches and students informs much of her work helping others find passion and success in life and in their game. As a parent, Amy recognizes first hand the joy and complexity of the commitment to high performance sports. She is the mother of three unique, sport-loving boys, including a recent college graduate and a top ten ITF world ranked junior tennis player.

Amy Tardio is an ICF accredited professional coach with advanced certifications in Positive Psychology and Wellness Coaching. Amy’s recent work on Strengths and Motivation has been featured in The Huffington Post and she is currently a Goals and Motivation Expert at Her passions include tennis, running, family and the outdoors.

David M. Aversa, MD, MPH, certified MGCP
Connecticut Psychiatric and Wellness Center, LLC
New Haven, CT
Phone: 203-298-9055

David Aversa is a former multiple sport division one athlete. He won the Unsung Hero Award for the 1995 Brown Men’s Lacrosse Team, which won back-to-back Ivy Championships and participated in Brown’s first appearance in the Final Four in 1994. He has coached on the youth, high school and college levels.  He has also competed in marathons, half marathons, and triathlons.

Currently he is a triple boarded adult, forensic, and child psychiatrist. He works with athletes of all ages and serves as the University Psychiatrist at Quinnipiac University. In addition to working with athletes and teams, he also consults to and works on team building for schools, agencies, and businesses.


Wendy Cohn, certified MGCP
Boca Raton, FL
Phone: 561.213.0295

Wendy Cohn earned her degree in psychology at the University of Copenhagen in 1982. In 1992 she qualified for authorization by the Danish supervisory Board. In 2004 she obtained her certification as a Mental Game Coach Professional. As a clinical psychologist, she has worked with handicapped young adults in the County of Copenhagen. Besides her academic achievements, she is an instructor in many disciplines including yoga, pilates, fitness and shooting. Wendy has participated in many different types of competitions ranging from equestrian disciplines to water and alpine sports. As an adult, she participates in tennis tournaments on a club level. She and avid golfer and cyclist. On Danish National Shooting Team Wendy has competed in national as well as international tournaments. In 2004 she won The Danish Championship in Compak Sporting. Since founding her company Mind Management in 2002 she has acquired a wide range of experience working with athletes in numerous sport including: equestrian, shooting, cycling, tennis, golf, marathon and alpine events.

Wendy has recently expanded her practice from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Boca Raton, Florida, where she now lives. However, she continues to work with athletes in Denmark.

Angela Aldahwi, MGCP
Miami, Florida
Telephone: 954-205-5779
Website: Figure Skating Psychology

Angela Aldahwi is an expert in Mental Training for Skaters and is currently obtaining her doctoral degree in sports and performance psychology. She is a certified peak performance coach and works with figure skaters from around the world on the psychology of figure skating. She has worked with skaters of all level including international and world competitors.

As a figure skating psychology coach, Angela has worked with athletes and has helped skaters achieve their dreams for more than 11 years. She is a coaching member of the professional skaters association, Certified “A” coaching member of the United States Figure Skating Association as well as a coaching member of USA Hockey. Angela is available for private figure skating psychology sessions as well as mental game seminars.

Dr. Mario Garcia, PCC certified MGCP
Peak Performance Coaching
Miami, FL
Phone: 786-225-2747

As a Mental Game Coaching Professional, with more than three decades of combined life and sport psychology coaching experience, Dr. Mario Garcia can offer you mental game coaching for athletes, Spartan obstacle racers, triathletes, and coaches. He is certified by Peak Performance Sports, under the mentorship of Dr. Patrick Cohn as a Mental Game Coaching Professional. Moreover, he is a Professional Certified Coach and Registered Mentor Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My proven leadership and strategic intervention, and peak performance methods, have been instrumental with baseball, football, women’s volleyball, to include athletes who have achieved their dream of playing at MLB and NFL levels. Working together, he will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to optimize and maximize your goals.

Nicolas Stankov, certified MGCP
Motorsports Mental Coach

Miami, FL
Phone: 786-319 2372

Gene Rochette, M.S., M.A., certified MGCP
The Community School of Naples
Naples, FL
Phone: 239-597-7575 ext. 240
Website: Community School Naples

Gene received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Science from Youngstown State University. He earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Psychology from West Virginia University and a Master of Arts degree form The Ohio State University in Athletic Administration. Gene served as an Assistant Football Coach for more than a decade at both Columbia University and Youngstown State University before being appointed Athletic Director at Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, New Jersey. Upon relocating to Naples, Florida, Gene was first a teacher, football coach, and track & field coach at Barron Collier High School before being named the school’s Athletic Director. Most recently he has served as the Dean of Students/Assistant Head of School at the Community School of Naples until his recent appointment as the school’s Athletic Director/Chair of Health & Physical Education. Gene offers an upper division class for high school students in “Applied Sports Psychology – Mental Toughness for Sports and Life.”

Wendy Bruce, certified MGCP
Orlando, FL
Phone: 888-742-7225
Website: Psyched 4 Sports

Wendy Bruce won a team bronze medal in Barcelona, Spain during the 1992 Olympics, after finishing 6th at the US Olympic trials. Wendy also competed in five U.S. national championships. She was also a World team member in 1989 when her team placed fourth in Stuttgart, Germany. Wendy Bruce was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Broward County Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. Wendy Bruce has been a gymnastics coach for 20 years. She is also a mental game coach to gymnasts. Today she helps gymnasts develop mental toughness for a competitive edge.

Barb Kia, certified MGCP
Mental A Game

Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-797-7663

Barb graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the US Air Force Academy where she competed as a two-sport athlete in basketball and track. She was a 3-time NCAA Div II All-American in track and field. She has coached male and female athletes at levels from middle school to university in multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Coach Kia has also worked on mental toughness with competitors in golf and public speaking. She is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast who in recent years has run a half marathon, multiple 5ks and is a P90X grad. Her background in competitive athletics, coaching, teaching and leadership gives her an ability to work with a wide range of personalities, sports and challenges. As a Mental Game Professional, Barb works with teams, coaches and individual athletes in multiple sports to enhance their athletic performance through application of mental game skills that lead to mental toughness for sport and life.

Brandon Stokes, certified MGCP
Orlando, FL
Phone: 561-702-2855

Brandon has over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience at all levels in tennis from private to public developmental work including high school. He coached college tennis for 14 years including 7 years as an NCAA DI head coach. He has competitive experience in basketball, baseball, wrestling, running, and tennis.

Brandon is an avid competitive athlete and is now a successful, competitive runner at the master’s level in half marathons and marathons. He is a Boston Marathon qualifier.

“As a student of life I use my life experiences–the hard times and the lighter moments–as a competitive athlete, teacher, coach, and mentor to share with my students the principle of “recoveration” in our daily lives and that to be our best we must commit to bringing and sharing positive energy, a powerful attitude, and a grateful, resilient spirit. I love to listen to my students and meet them where they are at so we can explore the wonderful workings of the inner game and help them become the best they can be.”

Brandon earned a B.A. in Political Science while playing NCAA DI tennis at The University of Toledo. He continued with graduate studies in Sociology at Georgia State University and served as Research Director for a non-profit in Atlanta, GA. He is certified as a Tennis Intelligence Applied coach, a teaching professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), and a certified Mental Game Coach Professional.

Wayne Davidson, LMHC, certified MGCP
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-979-0535

Wayne Davidson earned his MS degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He completed his undergraduate degree in Education from The University of Tennessee, and was a walk on as a high jumper on the track team. Prior to attending the University of Tennessee he attended Carson Newman College on a Track Scholarship as a High Jumper. He held the school record in the high jump at that school for many years. He was also a successful basketball player and football player in high school. He was highly recruited in basketball and played for one year in Junior College before being offered a full track scholarship.

He has a successful counseling practice for over 20 years where he has worked with children, teen’s, couples, families and adults seeking to find new change and meaning in their lives. He recently obtained his Mental Game Coaching Certificate from Dr. Cohn and this has energized his motivation to help athletes, students and anyone that wants to reach peak performance. He has a wide range of knowledge in all sports but particularly loves basketball, track and field, and motor sports.

His dedication and knowledge in his field, and years of experience working with diverse issues and populations allow him to assess and evaluate precisely and to get to the problem quickly. He looks forward to helping athletes reach goals as he has, and has been trained and prepared by one of the best Dr. Patrick Cohn.


Mandy Patterson, certified MGCP
Cumming, GA

Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional that works with athletes on mental performance challenges in their sport, such as mental blocks or anxiety surrounding performance/games, so they can perform at their best and ultimately enjoy their sport again. As a gymnastics and cheerleading coach/trainer, I have worked with hundreds of athletes on physical and mental strength in tumbling and other skills. I know first-hand what it takes to push past mental blocks in my tumbling and doubts in my abilities, which I learned as a competitive cheerleader from youth to college at Mercer University. I believe that the level of confidence and trust athletes possess with their mental game is the most important ingredient in success and true passion for their sport. Reach to schedule a free Performance Check Session to learn more. Also, follow me on Instagram @mandypattersoncoaching and Facebook @mgpcoach

Dr. Mike Procaccini, certified MGCP
Norcross, GA
Phone: 770-729-0362

Dr. Mike Procaccini’s philosophy on mental coaching is to respect every athlete’s uniqueness. What works for one person does not necessarily mean it works for everyone. He changes his coaching methods to adapt to the specific needs of the athlete. Dr. Procaccini earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life College in 1986. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Holographic Hypnotherapist, and Certified Time Line Therapist. In addition to lecturing on NLP, he has been a mental coach for NCAA Division I Tennis players and Major League baseball players. Dr. Procaccini has owned and operated over 20 businesses.


Scott A. McCord, MGCP
Peoria, IL
Phone: 309-868-0131

Having two kids, Meyer, now 13 and Grady 10, only stoked the fire of mental coaching even more; one a rock climber and visual arts performer and the other, passionate about baseball and golf, led me to dive into the mental side of sports, as I saw their anxiety and frustration hinder their “game day” performances.  Through my self-educating journey, along with my love of the Chicago Cubs and the team finally winning the World Series, I found Ken Ravizza.  I thought, “If he can help the Cubs win the World Series then he must have the Midas touch!”  Traveling down that path led me to Dr. Cohn, Peak Sports Performance, and their Mental Game Coaching Professional certification program. 

My love of the mental side of life, not only in finance but in sports, and a focus on the process of being the best you can be, regardless of the outcomes, is now all tied together.  Not only has this journey improved my lifestyle and grown my business exponentially, but it has also improved the relationships I have with all those I am involved with influencing: clients and kids alike!  My dad would always say, “Be the best YOU can be!” – I truly believe and trust that I am: and you and those you care about can be, too.

Max Cook, certified MGCP
Oakland Park, IL
Phone number: 815-354-2236 

Max Cook is a Certified MGCP.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Miami University.  Max was a 4-year varsity Ice Hockey player and won multiple CCHA championships during his college career. Max went on to play 7 years of minor professional hockey all over the country. Max grew up playing many different sports, including soccer, baseball and softball.  Being recently retired from hockey, he can relate to issues and adversities that affect athletes.  He has the desire and passion to help the next generation of athletes master the mental side of their game.  The skills and techniques he creates helps his athletes achieve their highest goals.

Marc D. Anderson, LCSW, certified MGCP
Batavia, IL
Phone: 630-650-0850

Marc is a certified Mental Game Coach who works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. He earned his B.A. in sociology at Beloit College and his Masters of Social Work at George Williams College of Aurora University. Marc is a seasoned clinician with over 19 years of experience of working with athletes and non-athletes in both the private and public sector. His philosophy is athlete-centered; empowering athletes to conquer the mental challenges that are hindering their peak potential. Marc’s clinical expertise, combined with his extensive experience as a high school coach and collegiate athlete, allows him to equip athletes with mental strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives. For more information, visit

Katie Pommier, certified MGCP
Dig Deep Performance Training
Chicago, IL
Phone: (815) 383-2686

Katie Pommier graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Psychology from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida where she played collegiate volleyball for four years and represented her team on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Her Senior Thesis used the Sport Motivation Scale to compare the increase and decrease of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in youth volleyball players. In July 2007, Katie attended Dr. Cohn’s Sports Psychology Conference at Champions Gate in Orlando, Fl. In January, she played overseas in the 2009 European Tour with Bring It USA where she competed in Prague; Maribor, Slovenia; and Pordenone, Italy against several international teams. She has coached ages 6-18 at the club, middle school, and high school levels. Currently she is coaching and developing mental training programs for Sports Performance Volleyball Club in Chicago, Illinois.

Laura Koziej, MA, LPC, certified MGCP
Chicago, Il
Phone: 773-895-3673

Laura Koziej is a licensed therapist specialized in Sports and Health Psychology who has been working with athletes directly on athletic performance for 6 years. Laura currently works with a college football program focusing on improving athletic performance, behavior and conduct issues, and concussion and injury rehabilitation.

In addition to football, she has experience with a wide variety of individual and team sports, including soccer, volleyball, swimming, and running. Her focus on mental game coaching is not only to improve performance on the field, but to also improve preparation and training with strength, conditioning, and nutrition. Working with Laura not only improves athletic performance; there are also improvements in all spheres of an individual’s life, including career, relationships, and general motivation as an individual’s self-efficacy increases.

Larry Bennett, certified MGCP
Collinsville, Il
Phone: 618-650-3276

Larry Bennett is the Head Coach for Women’s Golf and Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As the first head women’s golf coach in 1998, he has led the Cougars to two straight NCAA regional appearances and the Great Lakes Valley Conference Championship in 2003. He has developed many players selected to the All Conference Team. Coach Bennett is a member of the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches Association, the National Golf Coaches Association and serves on the NCAA East Region Golf Committee. He received his bachelor’s degree in PE and Recreation from SIUE and a MS in Recreation Administration from Southern Illinois University.

Blake Williams, MATD, MGCP
Elk Grove Village, IL
Ph: 847-636-6526

Blake is the founder and President of Battle-Tested, a non-profit organization that provides on-campus team building, character development, and mental game performance coaching for sports teams and student-athletes.  Blake left a successful career in the corporate world years ago to help prepare the next generation for the battles they’ll face in life – both on the field and off.  With five kids that are athletes, Blake has lived through seeing his own kids struggle with their mental game and has sought out the education and experience he needed to help them and other student-athletes overcome the mental obstacles that hinder performance.  Through Battle-Tested, Blake has served hundreds of various sports teams and thousands of student-athletes.


Jeffrey Giroux, MA Sport Psychology, Certified MGCP
Manhattan, KS 66503
Phone: 320-491-8780

Jeff is an experienced Performance Psychology Consultant, Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Expert. A former non-league European and semi-professional soccer player and collegiate soccer, golf, track, and cross country athlete. 15 years of Semi-professional, collegiate, and club soccer coaching. Has experience improving performances within the US Army Special Forces and Rangers Selections, Olympic Athletes, collegiate athletes and coaching staffs, elite youth sports, and corporate leadership. My goal is to raise your level of competition, whether in leadership, sport, or a hobby. If you want to improve, training your mental game along with your physical preparation is a great recipe for success. Reach out for a Free Consult!

Kim Bastable, Certified MGCP
Leawood, Kansas (Kansas City metropolitan area)
Phone: 913-800-4616

Kim is a professor and program director within the University of Florida’s College Health and Human Performance. On the side, she still works with a limited group of junior and college athletes to develop a positive mindset to improve their performance on the field or court. A multi-sport athlete, Kim excelled in tennis and played for the Gators and was an NCAA All-America and SEC champion. Although she reached some tennis heights, she struggled with mental barriers holding her back – barriers that she really only understood years later. She strives now to help young athletes through adults learn how to stop limiting themselves the way she did and, most importantly, to enjoy their sport without anxiety and stress. As well as being a Certified MGCP, she has a Masters in Positive Coaching and Leadership from University of Missouri, is a Mental Toughness Specialist (Human Performance Institute), and has a Certificate in Leadership from Notre Dame University. 


Dr. Peter Ganshirt, certified MGCP
Crestview Hills, KY 41017
Phone: 859-341-9888

Dr. Ganshirt played college golf for the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University. He earned an M.A. degree in Psychology from Xavier University, and a Psy.D. Psychology degree from Spalding University. He is currently in a Clinical Practice with an emphasis in Clinical/Forensic. He is looking forward to collaboration with Peak Performance Sports and Dr. Cohn to consult with high school/college golfers, basketball and football players, and rehabilitation of athletes injured in competition. MGCP has been a valuable tool/resource that would have not obtained elsewhere, ongoing collaboration will be invaluable, and this has been an excellent was to transition my practice and re-energize my practice in helping athletes once again feel better about themselves and their overall performance.

Danny Schmidt, certified MGCP
Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 576-2827

Danny is a graduate of Centre College and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. While earning his degree, he played tennis for Centre’s Men’s Tennis Team. He played number one singles and doubles for the team and earned All-Conference in 2005. From 2008-2011 Danny helped coach the men’s and women’s tennis teams at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. There, he was part of a tennis program where the women’s team won their first conference title and the men’s team won over 60 conference matches in a row and 8 straight conference tournament and regular season titles.

In 2010, Danny received his Master’s in Sport Psychology from Capella University. Danny has now moved on to being the Head Assistant Coach of the men’s and women’s teams at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, and a tennis teaching pro at the Lexington Tennis Club.

Petor Julianov, Certified MGCP
Lexington, KY
Phone: 303.601.1671

Petor has a degree in Physical Education from University in Russia, a master’s in sports science from Almata University, is certified in Bikram as well as Power yoga, and is certified as a mental game coaching professional. Petor was a competitive collegiate Nordic ski racer. He currently competes as a Master’s runner, boasting a 4:50 mile and various podium finishes in road-races in and around Boulder, Colorado. Petor has 25 years of experience working with variety of athletes and individuals.

Elite athletes whom Petor has worked with: Chrissie Wellington, Multiple Ironman World Champion; Benita Johnson, Former World Cross Country champion, 2012 Olympic Team marathon qualifier; Fiona Docherty, New Zealand Professional Distance Runner, Marathon Distance; Becky Witinok-Huber, American Professional Triathlete, Olympic and Short-distance Triathlon; Jason Hartmann, Top American at Chicago Marathon 2012 (2:11.06 marathon), 5-Time Olympic Trials Qualifier, and Twin Cities Champion 2011 (2:12.10 marathon); Aaron McKenzie, AHL and NHL player (Colorado Avalanche). Now Petor Julianov works with a few golf players and looking forward to help other golfers.

Ronald E. Laster, Certified MGCP
Wickliffe, KY 42087
Xtreme Mental Sports Performance!
Phone: 270-210-6205

Ron is an assistant golf coach at Ballard Memorial High School where he teaches young golfers the mental skills to succeed. He has the privilege of raising two grandsons ages 14 and 13, both who have competed several times in the World Cup Golf Championship. He is a 2-handicap golfer himself and is passionate about the game of golf and teaching others. He is also a Certified Sports Hypnotist and a partner/owner of a chain of convenience stores.


Dr. Tony Melito, Certified MGCP
Winning Actions: Enhancing Sports Performance
Metairie, Louisiana
Phone: 504-837-0607

Dr. Tony Melito is President and Founder of WINNING ACTIONS, a mental training system for applying sports psychology and sports hypnosis. He has a clinical practice as a Sports Psychology Practitioner, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Being a former athlete and having coached for eighteen years, Dr. Melito is passionate about performance enhancement, injury rehabilitation, and life skills. His private practice includes high school, collegiate, and professional athletes in a wide variety of sports. He also has experience of working with coaches, sports teams, and businesses to optimize performance. He has the expertise to address clinical and sports-related issues. Melito is a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional. He is a member of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, Peak Performance Sports, Louisiana Counseling Association, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization. 


Jeff Camire, Certified MGCP
Saco, Maine
Phone: 207-837-1269

Jeff Camire is a school counselor in Saco, Maine and is the varsity coach for the golf team and the varsity assistant coach for the girls basketball team at Thornton Academy. Jeff has 20 years of coaching experience in golf, basketball and baseball. He is a firm believer that the mental game is the most overlooked piece for competitive athletes and enjoys helping athletes realize their full potential by helping them understand their own way of thinking.

His golf team was crowned state champions in golf (October 2015) and he was an assistant coach for 3 other state titles. As the varsity assistant in girls basketball last winter (March 2015), he helped his team reach the school’s first-ever state championship game. Jeff was formerly an athletic trainer, and combined with his coaching and 12+ years of experience as a school counselor, he has extensive knowledge into the minds of athletes. Jeff has great passion for the mental side of sports, believing it to be the key ingredient in separating the elite athlete from the great athlete.


Curtis G. Way, certified MGCP
Bel Air, MD
Home Phone: (410) 666-1108
Work Phone: (410) 879-2350

Curtis Way has over 30 years coaching experience in a variety of sports. He works closely with golfers who want to improve their mental toughness and helps advise individual athletes and teams in other sports who want to improve their confidence and focus. As a long time tennis professional, Curtis coached players of all levels, including the 1989 Florida State High School champions at Ransom Everglades School. Curtis remains involved in tennis, directing state, regional, and national tournaments. After completing his B.A. at Ohio University, Curtis later earned a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from St. Thomas University. Way has taught in independent schools for the past 25 years. He has been athletic director at two schools and currently teaches English and directs High School Guidance at Harford Day School in Bel Air, Maryland. As Coordinator of Boys Athletics at Harford Day, Curtis coaches Soccer, Basketball, lacrosse, and Golf. Curtis is an avid golfer whose goal is to participate in United States Senior Amateur events in the next few years.


Kevin Goddu, Ph.D., MGCP certified
N. Chelmsford, MA
Phone: 978-427-1621

Kevin works with individual athletes and teams teaching them how to think in the most effective and efficient way possible. He grew up playing baseball, football, tennis, and hockey in New England. He played both baseball and football in high school and was an assistant JV high school baseball coach. But it would be golf that became his dominate sport. He has been a golf professional for the past six years teaching the game to beginners and intermediate players. This led to getting certified from the Titleist Performance Institute Level 1. His passion for the mental game has grown from experience and observation of golfers he had taught and played against in competitive tournaments.

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Professional Studies from Capella University. He earned master’s degrees in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and History from Salem State University. He has published three books, two on the game of golf and mental coaching. He was also a contributor to Human Performance Psychology online. Kevin’s peer-review journal article focuses on Adult Learning Theory.

Tim Whitehead, PTR Professional, certified MGCP
Concord, MA
Phone: 919-280-1429

Tim is originally from Massachusetts. He is a USTA member, as well as a PTR Professional. In the year 2000, Tim received his B.S degree in Sports Management from Franklin Pierce University (NH) . During that time from ’96 -’00, he was the # 1 player for the Ravens, compiling an impressive record over his four years, as well as an undefeated season during his sophomore year (13- 0). In 1996, as a freshman Tim won the NECC Flight 1 singles championship played in Stoneybrook, NY. He also was a 4 time MVP during his career from 1996- 2000. Other achievements in tennis include in 2003, a Quarterfinalist at the 25,000 PTR International Symposium. In 2003, Tim held the #1 ranking for the mens 4.5 division in New England. Tim, has been in tennis now for over 18 years, and has been a mentor to the game for over 10 years. As a coach, he has enjoyed several team championships, as well coached several tournament players to very successful rankings. Tim worked at the Van Der Meer Tennis Academy for two years, where he had the honor to work with several great coaches such as Billy Stearns, Dr. Louie Cap, and the great Dennis Van Der Meer himself. While coaching in New England, he had the opportunity to work with several top juniors, at the USA Competition Training Center in Manchester By the Sea, MA. Tim currently is the Assistant Tennis Professional at the Carolina Country Club.

Other Achievements: Recently in October of 2008, Tim received his diploma from Ashworth University, where he was nominated as a member into the International Honor Society (DET) excelling in The Professional Sport Psychology for Peak Performance Program. Furthering his education into Peak Performance, Tim pursued the MGCP certification course where he had the privilege to work with Dr Patrick Cohn with Peak Performance Sports. Tim’s objective as an MGCP – For athletes to make The Commitment- To eliminate barriers that hold them back from reaching their highest potential and goals as an athlete. Through identifying these areas, athletes can then perform the proper strategies and formulas needed to reach their Peak Performance. Tim is available to any athlete looking for The Cutting Edge! Specializes in Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, and Football.


Amy Zaranek Gaidis, MGCP
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Amy Zaranek Gaidis is a softball coach located in Metro Detroit, Michigan. She has over ten years of coaching experience in pitching and hitting lessons at every level from 8U through collegiate, as well as over five years’ experience as a team coach. During her playing career, Amy was an All-State pitcher for Grosse Pointe North High School and played internationally in The Netherlands. She then played college softball at Wayne State University, where she won a conference championship and went to the Women’s College World Series. As an MGCP, she is excited to focus on the mental side of the game with female athletes in Metro Detroit and beyond!

Dane Terrill, Certified MGCP
Marcellus, MI
Phone: 269-757-3519

My life has revolved around sports. I started playing golf at a very young age. At the age of 10 I started playing competitively. By the age of 16, I was “burned out”, and put my sticks in the closet, not to resurface until my junior year in college. I played football, basketball and track throughout junior and senior high school. After high school, I played 2 years of basketball at Albion College and then served as the student assistant basketball coach. While in college I played on the golf team for 1 season, and threw the shot put and discus on the track team. After graduating from college I went back home and volunteered as a basketball coach for the high school. The following year I was hired as the JV coach, and over the last ten years held various positions in the basketball program. Currently I am the Assistant varsity coach. Five years ago I started a varsity golf program at my local high school and have followed with a jr. high program, I am currently the head coach.


Dr. Jacob Yorg, Ed.D., PLPC, certified MGCP
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-532-0496

Jacob is a certified Mental Game Coach who works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. He earned his Masters of Counseling at Missouri Baptist University, Doctor in Education in Higher Education Leadership, and is ABD with a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. Jacob is a seasoned clinician with over 12 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes in both the private and public sectors. He currently is the Executive Director of GameChanger Athletes, who creates a mental performance curriculum for high school and college athletic programs. His philosophy is athlete-centered, empowering athletes to conquer the mental challenges hindering their peak potential. Jacob’s clinical expertise, combined with his extensive experience as a Collegiate coach and administrator, allows him to equip athletes with mental strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives. For more information, visit


Kathryn Valentine, certified MGCP
Specializing in Equestrians
Victor MT. 59875
Phone: 406.546.5134

Kathy’s philosophy on mental game coaching is to respect each rider’s abilities and unique qualities. Kathy is a Certified MGCP who works with riders and their equine partners to develop confidence, focus and trust. Whether you are a competitive rider or a recreational rider, learning the mental skills to bring out your best will change your riding and your relationship with your horse forever. Kathy has learned that the physical training for both horse and rider is the easy part. The mental strategies one can learn is what will turn a mediocre rider into a great rider. Because she is also a Professional Horse Trainer Kathy has the unique ability to understand and teach both horse and rider how to reach their full potential. Kathy is a respected Author and Clinician. She has lectured for the USFS on Leadership skills and is Certified by John Lyons as a professional Horse Trainer. She is a member of the AQHA and APHA. For more information on her programs please visit her web site at:


Rebecca (Becky) Meline, MGCP
Focus Therapy, LLC
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
(402) 513-4416

Becky Meline is the owner of Focus Therapy, LLC in Omaha, NE and is a Licensed Clinician in the state of Nebraska & Iowa. She is a Certified Mental Game Coach and works with individual athletes and teams across the states. Becky focuses on helping athletes break down the barriers preventing them from reaching their optimal level and building up mental skills training for sports performance enhancement. She is a former collegiate volleyball player at the University of South Dakota where she was Conference Player of the Year and Female Athlete of the Year for USD in 2004.

Luke Olson, MGCP
Focus Therapy Omaha
402 513-4416 – Ext 702

Luke’s career has always revolved around sports. A three-sport athlete in high school, he played College Basketball at Hastings College from 1999-2003, earning 1st Team All-Conference and graduating as a 1,000 point scorer. He started his coaching career as a college assistant, and has continued into the high school ranks in Nebraska. He took the Head Boys Basketball job at Bennington High School in 2011, when the school was transitioning from Class C to Class B. As one of the smallest schools in the state in Class B at the time, he began looking for other ways for his teams to gain an edge against the larger competition. One of those methods was the mental game work that we use here at Focus. After a 22-26 record his first two years, his teams have gone 112-42, winning four consecutive district championships and two consecutive conference championships. In the past 5 years, he has coached the 1st, 3rd, and 4th All-time leading scorers in Bennington history, and his teams have broken several school records.

As a Certified Mental Game Coach, Luke has used the curriculum with several of his players and seen tremendous results. His players have been named to an All-State team seven times and four have earned Collegiate Scholarships. The MGCP program has given Luke an avenue to continue to help young athlete’s put themselves in a position to have more success on the field, court, or course. More importantly, the skills that we work on make our athletes happier, more confident, and can be applied to all aspects of life. The stress and anxiety level of today’s athletes are as high as they’ve ever been – allow us to help them manage the stress and work to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


Megan Coyle, MGCP
Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

Megan Coyle played softball for 11 years, including 4 years of Varsity at Bishop Gorman High School and 3 years of NCAA Division III softball at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. Upon graduating early from McDaniel College in 2019, Megan has since been coaching softball as an assistant for Bishop Gorman High School as well as Las Vegas Blast 18u club team. In her spare time, she enjoys watching all sports including her passion, hockey, which she played as a child. Megan is currently finishing her Master’s in Psychology at Pepperdine University, and she hopes to pursue a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her ultimate goal is to help all athletes be the best version of themselves in performance and in life.

Kevin J. Roby, Ph.D., Certified MGCP
Las Vegas Sport Psychology
5037 Portraits Place
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 395-2170

Psychologist Dr. Kevin J. Roby has been providing psychological services in a variety of settings for over forty years. Since 2001 his primary focus has been on Sport Psychology. He is the sole proprietor of Las Vegas Sport Psychology, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has helped hundreds of athletes through his Sports Mental Skills Training services. His clients have included archers, baseball players, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors, golfers, gymnasts, hockey players, equestrian competitors, bowlers, tennis players and canine agility competitors. In addition he has worked with non-athletes including a surgeon, a professional poker player and a professional bridge player. The clients with whom he has worked have ranged in age from as young as 9 years old up to 75 years old, and include professional athletes as well as amateurs. He has worked remotely with clients across America and from foreign countries including Thailand, Italy, and Japan. Among his clients are state and national champions, and a bronze medalist in a World Championship.

Dr. Roby has been a guest on the longest running golf talk radio show in the U.S., and has also been a guest on the fastest growing golf talk radio program. He has appeared on Fox Sports West “Golf Life” television show and on the local Las Vegas ABC evening news program. He has given presentations on Sport Psychology to various organizations including the International Network for Golf, where he was the featured speaker at their Fall Forum in 2012, and also was a panelist at their 2013 Annual Convention in Orlando. He was also invited to give a presentation to the Las Vegas Chapter of the Southwest Section of the PGA, for which the professionals in attendance earned continuing education credits. For three years he was a regular columnist for the Southern New England Golfer magazine, and has also published multiple original articles on his website.

Dr. Roby’s business philosophy is to: A) See the greatest improvement in his clients, B) In the shortest period of time, C) At the least cost to his clients. Keep in mind that if you are seeking a professional to help you in your athletic pursuits, you want the most qualified, educated and experienced professional you can find. Dr. Roby has a Doctorate Degree in psychology; there is no higher degree. He has been providing sport psychology services at the highest level since 2001. He is fully licensed and has been involved in the field of psychology for over 40 years total. Take a look at his website for actual testimonials from some of his clients. The website also explains exactly how he works with individual athletes and other performance-based professionals.

If you truly want to “Become Exceptional,” feel free to contact Psychologist Dr. Kevin J. Roby, at any time.


Charles Yaeger, certified MGCP
Laconia, NH
Phone: 603-387-0743

Chuck earned a BS in Physical Education from Plymouth (NH) State University and a MS from Bowling Green State University (OH). He has coached youth, high school and college levels athletes for the last 24 years. His specialty involves soccer, baseball, golf, and ice hockey. In addition, he is a member of the PGA and instructs juniors, high school, and amateur golfers on the mental and physical sides of the game. He has conducted coaching clinics for USA Hockey and coached youth ice hockey the past 7 years.


Gene Moretti, certified MGCP
Basking Ridge, NJ
Phone: 908-221-1766

Gene has taught mental skills to amateur athletes for over a 30 years as a sports coach in Basketball and Baseball and also helped Marathon runners, including being a member of the New York Marathon ‘Psyching Team’. Gene currently coaches middle school basketball and baseball teams. He professionally applies Human Performance Psychology to Information Technology software enhancing the performance of 10,000. Geneearned a BS in Psychology at Xavier University (OH); an MS in Human Factors Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ): an MBA in Management at Columbia University (NY) and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ).

Jaime Costanzo, certified MGCP, ELI-MP
Toms River, NJ
Phone: 877-266-9445 & 732-904-6854

Jaime is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She studied under Sports Psychologist, Dr. Robert Cohn at Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida. She also has over 340 hours of training and a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in Shrewsbury, NJ. She has been certified in assessing the mental performance of athletes and provides feedback magnifying their strengths and weaknesses to help process a balanced performer in both body and mind.

Jaime was an all-around high school athlete and was competitive in tennis, basketball and softball. She later went on to compete in tournament softball leagues until she discovered golf. Golf has been a passion of Jaime’s for over 20 years and competing in tournaments for the last 15. After finishing her 15th season, she decided to share her knowledge in competing and playing with mental toughness. She now helps athletes find their mental edge, sync their mind and heart into sound balance and remain confident and focused to play at their highest level.

The First Tee program is where Jaime first found coaching young athletes to be so rewarding and knew that this is where her life’s journey would take her. Jaime is currently working with students from the LaGuardia Community College, NY basketball team and HS athletes playing state level tournaments working to obtain PGA status. As she continues to grow her practice, Jaime’s positive, approachable, down-to-earth, yet professional attitude is one that will serve all clients, at all levels.

Ken Bizup, certified MGCP, CSPC, CHt
Washington Twp., NJ
Phone: 844-776-4976
Web: Athletes Mental Trainer

Ken Bizup is the “Athlete’s Mental Trainer ™”. He is a sought-after coach on the mindset principles that helps athletes reach new levels of performance. He is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional, Sports Psychology Coach, and Consulting Hypnotist specializing in sports performance. He is the founder and director of the Performance Hypnosis Center, Sports Hypnosis Academy and Athletes Mental Trainer.

Ken is a seasoned coach and business professional with 15 years of experience working with athletes and non-athletes in both the private and public sector. His business expertise as a change management/business transformation consultant, combined with his long standing experience as a baseball coach, allows him to equip athletes with proven strategies and skills to maximize their mental edge and improve their performance in competition while maintaining balance in their lives. Ken’s coaching methods are varied and client focused. He uses a wide range of techniques from the fields of Psychology, NLP and Hypnotherapy. Ken works with athletes and performers of all ages and ability levels, including collegiate, high school, amateur, as well as athletes and parents associated with a number of youth recreational programs.


Mark Walch MA, LPCC, certified MGCP
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phone: 505.271.4699

Mark is the owner of Performance Edge Coaching, LLC. He works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams to help them get the edge in performance through Mental Game Coaching. He earned a double major in Biology and Psychology from Williams College and a Master’s degree in Counseling with emphasis on Sports Psychology from Michigan State University. Mark is also a Licensed psychotherapist and done extensive work with addictions, nutrition, self-hypnosis and skills training often in Wilderness settings. Mark has been involved in competitive athletics for 48 years, including swimming, baseball, wrestling, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, softball and equestrian. He has done extensive rock climbing and climbed over 65 14,000’ peaks as well as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Aconcagua. Mark has been working with a variety of athletes including swimmers, basketball, triathletes (both amateur and pro), Division 1 men tennis players and women’s soccer. Mark has more than 35 years of teaching, therapy and organizational consulting and coaching experience with athletes and non-athletes alike. He has been an invited presenter for a wide variety of regional and national conferences. Mark’s varied background enables him to be effective with a wide variety of environments, individuals and team sports. He works with you to “get the performance edge”.


Amy Thompson, certified MGCP
West Point, NY

Elevating young athletes to championship-level performance requires training the mind as intensely as the body. For parents seeking to give their student-athletes an unparalleled competitive edge, Amy is the ideal mental performance coach. A former Division I athlete and accomplished Colonel in the U.S. Army, Amy blends her medical training in pediatrics and sports medicine with real-world competitive experience to provide unmatched coaching. Currently serving at the elite U.S. Military Academy at West Point, she works hand-in-hand with student-athletes, imparting the mental fortitude and resilience to thrive under immense pressure. Certified in cutting-edge techniques, Amy’s holistic approach cultivates mind-body mastery, empowering young competitors to conquer mental barriers, boost confidence, and reach their peak performance. With Amy’s guidance, your athlete will gain an invaluable mental skillset to elevate their game and unlock greatness.

Rebecca Pistocchi, M.A., LMHC, certified MGCP
Long Island, NY
Phone: 516-592-2599

Rebecca is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of New York working with a clinical background working with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and adjusting to life changes. Rebecca also works with athletes as a certified mental game coach who specializes working with softball and baseball players, but works with all athletes. Rebecca is a former D3 collegiate catcher and outfielder. She works with athletes to identify the barriers that is preventing them from being the best athlete they can be. Working on your mental game is just has important as working on your mechanics. Rebecca’s mental health background, coupled with her mental game certification, makes her uniquely qualified to successfully assist athletes with their mental game. 

Heidi Michaels, certified MGCP
Katonah, NY
Phone: (914) 232-7004

Heidi Michaels, a Certified Life and Sports Performance Coach, specializes in helping her clients develop a strong mental game, The Game Within the Game. Heidi helps her clients gain clarity about what they want to achieve, identify what truly stands in their way, and then assists them in building their confidence with a structured plan to get what they want.

Through her extensive triathlon training and competitions, Heidi learned the value of a strong, positive mental game. This strong mental game–mastering the game within the game–became Heidi’s most powerful asset. Developing a champion mindset and applying these mental game skills to her life, Heidi went on to create a way of life she is passionate about. Heidi now coaches other people to take a champion mindset both on and off the field to achieve the same passionate engagement and success in both sports and life.

Mastering The Game Within the Game is a powerful tool in achieving success in sports and life. Heidi’s life and sports performance coaching utilizes a combination of mental game techniques and life coaching allowing her clients a champion mindset both on and off the field.

Lauren Leo, B.S., M.A., certified MGCP
Long Island, New York
Phone: 917-992-9437

Lauren Leo graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. She furthered her education with a graduate degree in Physical Education, K-12 from Adelphi University.  Lauren is currently a head collegiate coach at a NCAA Division 1 institution. She has been coaching at the collegiate level for over a decade.  In addition, she represents the USTA Eastern Tennis Association as a National Coach.

Lauren understands the importance of mental toughness in any sport and loves to work with youth athletes and teams on their mental approach to the game. Being MGCP certified, Leo’s goal is to help athletes develop solid healthy mental habits in order to produce consistent performances. The Mental Game Coaching Professional program has given Lauren the tools to assist athletes looking for that mental competitive edge!

Joseph Mreczko, certified MGCP
Staten Island, NY
Monmouth County, NJ
Phone: 646-327-7036

Joe was a high school athlete in multiple sports, and made the decision to end his playing career when he graduated to concentrate on becoming a coach. While attending Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia he managed both men’s and women’s D1 basketball teams. Joe has spent several year coaching varsity baseball and basketball at his Alma Mater St. Joseph’s By The Sea in Staten Island, among other sports, schools, and programs. He attributes his experiences, education, and passion of sports to helping young athletes. Joe has separated himself from his peers by studying and teaching the mental side of sports to his athletes, mostly focusing on baseball and basketball to date. Coach Joe believes the mental game is what can be a crucial competitive advantage for those who can master it, and he has the tools and knowledge to teach those skills to athletes of all ages and abilities. Joe looks forward to continuing to help develop athletes to allow them to succeed both on and off their respective arenas of sport and life.

Nayelly Hernandez-Walker, certified MGCP
Long Island, NY

Former World ranked #57 and multi-medalist in the Central and Pan American Games – including winning the Doubles Gold medal in 2011 while representing her home country of Mexico. She is currently the only Mexican player to compete in 4 consecutive World Team Championships and was the first Mexican female to be recruited for college in the US where she was a NCAA First Team All-American. Nayelly graduated from Trinity College with a B.S. in Psychology. Currently, she is an Assistant Squash Professional at The River Club of New York.


Dustie Gimblet, certified MGCP
Conover, NC
Specializing in Golf
Website: Golf Mindset Coach

You will learn how to apply winning golf mindset strategies to lower your golf score, have more fun while you play, and start winning tournaments. Being a better golfer is the goal, and yet you can’t seem to master it.  New clubs and more lessons are great, but your score is roughly staying the same.  Something is missing. That something is the mental part of the golf game – the 90%.  Jack Nicklaus famously said, “The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical”.  It is so true, and so many golfers don’t work on this part of the game. Imagine feeling in control of the course when you play. Imagine. how great it could be to stop overthinking and make powerful decisions. Imagine being able to focus without worrying about distractions.

It’s all possible when you partake in my golf mindset coaching.  It is customized to your individual needs with support between sessions. Most golfers believe it’s their skills holding them back, but I love helping golfers discover the mindset that is preventing them from stepping into their greatness on and off the course. I became an expert by educating myself and working as a certified life coach.  I have coached and mentored over 3000+ people from around the world through working at The Life Coach School. I have advanced certifications as a Deep Dive Coach and Mental Game Coaching Professional. Every golfer I have worked with has created improvements in their game. You can too! Check out my website link above for more details. 

Delice Coffey, MA, LPA, certified MGCP
Durham, NC 27707
Specializing in Basketballl & Football
Phone: 704-201-2460
Fax: 919.419-0737
Website: Sports Psychology for Basketball

Ms. Delice Coffey, MA, LPA, MGCP is a Psychologist who specializes in sports psychology, mental game coaching, and mental health services within the athletic arena. Ms. Coffey has been providing her life-changing interventions to athletes and the clinical populations for over 20 years. She is dedicated to working to improve overall wellness, mental and physical health, and athletic performance in the community at large. Ms Coffey is the CEO of Living Well Centre, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina, a clinic that offers a holistic approach to overall well-being.

Ms. Coffey has spent many years of education and business preparation to develop Living Well Centre, Inc. She is a Licensed Psychological Associate and a Certified Mental Game Coach Professional. She also holds certification in sport-fitness psychology, and is a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Behavioral Therapist, Cognitive Therapist, Reality Therapist, Youth Officer and a Clinically Certified Juvenile Treatment Specialist. Ms. Coffey’s psychology background, her certifications, coupled with her sport-fitness expertise makes her uniquely qualified to successfully administer sports performance-related services to athletes on all levels.

Karen Wheeler RNC, RYT, certified MGCP
Pinehurst, NC
Phone: 910-975-2950
Web site:

BEwellPLAYwell was developed by Karen Wheeler, a single digit golfer who has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, sports, and wellness education. Ms Wheeler is a Nationally Certified Mental Health RN with an extensive background in complementary wellness modalities that include: certifications in massage, Kripalu Yoga, Breathwalk©, and an internship at the UMASS Medical School Stress Reduction Clinic. Growing up as an athlete (a Sports Hall of Fame inductee), Karen realized early the importance of a strong mental game. Even though drawn to a medical career, she continued studying, practicing and soon teaching a variety of focusing techniques in clinical and sports settings. She added to this specialty and merged her mental health background by helping clients develop action plans, restructuring self limiting attitudes, fostering the courage to change, and addressing ambivalence to change. “My personal passion is the thrill of competitive golf. Professionally it is to support you in making healthy choices that lead to an enhanced quality of life and improved athletic performance.” All program options are based on a scientific holistic approach that supports you, your group, or team in the pursuit of excellence… Knowing what you can change and making daily choices that contribute to accomplishing goals, improving health, and enhancing overall enjoyment in play as well as life.


Ryan Mears, M. Ed., MGCP
Fargo, ND

My name is Ryan Mears. I am a Mental Game Certified Coach. Along with being a certified mental game coach, I also am a teacher. I started teaching in 1998. I currently teach 6th grade math. During my teaching career, I spent 18 of those years as a high school basketball coach, coaching both girls’ and boys’ basketball. I served as an assistant coach for 13 years and a head girls’ basketball coach for 5 years. I have also coached baseball, and football at the youth and jr. high levels.


Clay D. Filson, MGCP
Dublin, OH
Phone: 614-579-2381

Emily Marcinowski, LPC, certified MGCP
Cleveland, OH

Emily Marcinowski earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Emily has been playing volleyball for around 15 years and has played at the highest levels throughout high school and college. Emily won a state championship her senior year of high school and continued to play Division 1 volleyball at Saint Francis University. Since finishing school, Emily has coached volleyball at the high school level and JO travel volleyball level. Through Emily’s personal experience with mental performance during her athletic career and a love for all sports and working with athletes, Emily has pursued a career in mental performance. Emily received her certification as a Mental Game Coach Professional and is working with young athletes individually and in groups over a wide range of sports to help develop and educate these athletes on the importance of mental performance. Emily’s intention is to bring awareness to the mental aspect of sports by focusing on goal setting, increasing confidence, developing trust, managing emotional control, increasing self-esteem, and other topics covered in the MGCP program. Being able to provide young athletes with the tools to be successful on and off the field is Emily’s main goal!


Jim Bonfiglio, M.Ed., Certified MGCP
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134
Phone: 405-520-1350

Jim Bonfiglio received his undergraduate degree in Health & Physical Education and his graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Studies. He was a college athlete playing baseball and has been coaching various sports for over 30 years in basketball, baseball, and football on both junior high and high school levels. Most notably, Jim was a high school Varsity Baseball coach for 25 years. Understanding that performance is always attributed to both psychology and skill, Jim has always included the mental skills along with physical skills training when working with student-athletes. In order to have superior performance, it is imperative to have the proper mindset to close the gap between potential and performance.

Sam Hale, SPHR, Certified MGCP
Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: 918-392-7988

Sam Hale received his undergraduate degree is Psychology from the University of North Texas.  He has spent more than three decades in Corporate America in various senior leadership positions providing coaching to executives and managers.  As a father of four, Sam has managed and coached a variety of sports and youth activities and understands first-hand how the mental game can influence the success of athletes, both on and off the field of play.  As a parent of highly competitive athletes, Sam has incorporated many of the components of Mental Game Coaching into his everyday life and has seen his own athletes recoup the rewards, including the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

Paige Frazier, MS, LPC-S, MGCP
Claremore, OK
Phone: 918-237-6393

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor as well as a certified Mental Performance Coach with Performance Counseling. I earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern State University and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Sam Houston State University, where I played softball. I spent many years playing softball and basketball growing up. After college, I got into coaching competitive and high school softball in and around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area as well as providing private individual lessons. Not only do I have personal experience as an athlete and a coach, but I also have experience as a sports parent with children in multiple sports all year long. 

I believe I can utilize my experience as a licensed therapist, coach, athlete, and sports parent to understand, relate, and help other athletes improve their mental performance and maximize their game. As a Certified Mental Game Coach, it is my passion to work with athletes, coaches, and parents to overcome various challenges they face in order to improve their mental performance and attain a new level of success in sport and life.


Marty Hunter, certified MGCP
Canby, Oregon
Phone: 503-887-1086

Marty has over 25 years of successful coaching experience ranging from youth to the professional level. He currently teaches Health and Sport Psychology at Canby High School in Canby Oregon. Marty is also an assistant baseball coach at George Fox University, where they have won four consecutive conference championships and the 2004 NCAA Div. III National Championship. Marty obtained his Bachelors degree and Masters in Education from Linfield College (OR). While at Linfield, Marty played both football and baseball. Marty’s vast playing and coaching experience coupled with a strong teaching background enable him to connect and advise athletes and teams in an easy to understand manner. He has spoken at many area clinics and continues to work at numerous camps.


Christine Jones, certified MGCP
Next Level Mental Performance Coaching
Jones & Roman Motocross Training, LLC
Export, PA

Christine Jones is a certified mental performance coach recognized by the Mental Game Coaching Professionals and the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association. With a passion for enhancing mental toughness, she has dedicated her career to empowering athletes to achieve peak performance. Her expertise has been instrumental in the success of her husband, former FIM World Supercross champion Mike Jones. Through her guidance, Mike honed his mental edge, propelling him to numerous professional motocross titles and securing gold and silver medals at the X Games. Christine’s coaching extends beyond individual athletes; she also works with motocross athletes training with Jones & Roman Motocross Training.

Foster McKoskey, MGCP
McKoskey Mentoring, LLC
Philladelphia, PA
Email: Email Foster

Foster McKoskey is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) in the South Philadelphia area. Foster earned his B.S. in Kinesiology and further completed his M.Ed in Educational Leadership. While serving as a Mental Skills Coach to many athletes in the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, he also has extensive experience in the education and coaching professions. Additionally, Foster has gained experience working as an admissions counselor and is a former collegiate baseball player/coach with many years of coaching success at the high school and D2 level. Currently, Foster holds the following certifications: Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP), Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA), PA Dept. of Education Teaching Certification, and PA K-12 Principal Certification. His dedication and knowledge in this field lead to starting a company with his brother called McKoskey Mentoring. At McKoskey Mentoring we take pride in helping athletes on mental skills coaching and academic advising as Foster has seen the academic and athletic process through 6 different lenses. Some of his clients include all levels such as HS, College, & MiLB. His experience and expertise in various areas allow him to equip athletes with the best practices to improve their performance while also maintaining a positive mindset, proactive confidence, and balance.

David Kloser, certified MGCP
“Stepping Up to the Plate”
Dallastown, PA 17313
Phone: 310-467-5943

David Kloser, speaker, coach and baseball enthusiast, has a passion for teaching life lessons learned through the game of baseball. He is also the author of the book series, “Stepping Up to the Plate: Inspiring Interviews with Major Leaguers”, where he conducted exclusive interviews with more than 300 Major League Baseball players and Hall of Famers. David has been featured in the Los Angeles Times,, Success Magazine and has spoken at the Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s written several articles for kids and parenting magazines and been on numerous radio shows world wide. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter after spending over 12 years in Los Angeles where he was a working actor, licensed massage therapist and practiced yoga.

Jen Croneberger, MGCP
JLynne Consulting Group, LLC

Downingtown, PA
Phone: 484.889.9379

Jen Croneberger has been involved in sports since the age of 6. She is formerly the varsity softball coach at Unionville High School and Head Softball Coach at Ursinus College. Most of her last 15 years have been spent working with young people, instilling confidence and building strength both mentally and physically. She was the President and CEO of Excellence Training Camps, Inc., a holistic athletic training facility that focuses on both mind and body. She is currently the President of JLynne Consulting Group, LLC and is a highly sought-after speaker for both athletes and youth leadership programs.

Jen was consulted by MTV’s show “MADE” as a mental skills/fear coach for one of its subjects in October 2007. She is a NESTA Certified Sports Hypnotist, received a Master’s Degree from the University of the Rockies with a 4.0 in Sports and Performance Psychology in 2011 and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Jen has been an entrepreneur since the age of 23 when she built a wellness business from the ground up, training thousands of people from stage nationally on accountability, leadership and team building… all traits a good athlete must have. She has written a workbook/cd program with Dr. Cohn. Jen also has a video, a book as well as blogs available on her website. Some of her clients have included: The University of Connecticut, The University of Virginia, Rutgers University, The Philadelphia Force (NPF), players in The Tampa Bay Rays organization and The Kansas City Royals organization.

Ann Zaprazny, certified MGCP
Great Sports Minds, LLC

Hershey, PA
Phone: 717-419-5789
Twitter: AZaprazny
Facebook: Great Sports Minds LLC
Instagram: Great Sports Minds
Linked In: Ann Zaprazny

Ann Zaprazny is committed to helping athletes and others reach their potential through 1:1 coaching, team workshops and seminars. Ann brings her passion for sports and her corporate experience of building strong leaders and teams to each client she works with. She believes helping others master the inner game of sport is gift for both sport and for life.  Her approach gives clients tools to shift their mindset  – to think, believe, achieve more.

Athlete’s physically train hard.  With the addition of mental skills training, the athlete can leverage the power of their  mind and body working together. Ann’s style and approach is supportive, direct and encouraging.  Her philosophy is simple.  If an athlete feels better about how they perform, they will perform better.

Ann played three sports in High School and played basketball and ran track at the University of Delaware.  She earned a Masters in Sports Science with a concentration in Sports Psychology from Lock Haven University.   Ann has coached  youth sports at the local, AAU and High School levels.  She resides in Hershey Pa with her family and three children.

Ann is available to coach in person or via FaceTime or Skype.

DeWayne Tuthill, certified MGCP
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sports: 20 years of competitive tennis and golf experience. 3 years of competitive squash experience. Avid road cyclist. Coaching / Mental Coaching: 8 years golf teaching. I teach through mental strategy with focus on the enjoyment of the sport. I also teach golf swing mechanics.

Paul DeRenzo, certified MGCP
Performance Enhancement

Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 496-1420

Paul DeRenzo is a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional. He is the author of “Enhance Your Performance….. with the mental edge that you need.” Paul has earned a BA from the University of Pittsburgh and a JD from Capital University. Paul has over 30 years of experience playing, coaching and scouting for scholarship services. He has been involved in every aspect of athletic development. Paul currently coaches baseball at the high school level. He is also on staff for an AAU Baseball Team that finished in the top 10 at the AAU National Championships in 2006 in South Carolina, 2007 in Florida and 2008 in Virginia. That same team also finished in the top 10 at the USSSA Elite 24 held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida in 2007.

Jeffrey T. Lengle, Ed.S., NCSP, ABSNP, SCW, MGCP
Reading, Pennsylvania

Jeff Lengle is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) with over 20-years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults.   Jeff is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) and a Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology (ABSNP).  He is also an SCW certified personal trainer and leads YouthFit, Strength & Conditioning and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) trainings.  Jeff participated in baseball, football, basketball and track and field in high school and is former Division III collegiate football player.  A father of two boys who participate in competitive baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis, Jeff has several years of experience coaching youth baseball and basketball.


Tami Matheny, certified MGCP
University of South Carolina, Upstate
Spartanburg, S.C.
Phone: 864-266-3623

Tami graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1993, and earned a master’s degree in sports administration from the University of North Carolina in 1999. She was named the 1993 NCAA Woman of the Year for NC while at Lenoir-Rhyne. In college, she was a scholarship student-athlete in tennis and basketball. Matheny became the head men and women’s tennis coach at USC Upstate in 1998. Tami was promoted to associate athletic director in August 2002. Matheny stepped down as the head coach of the men’s and women’s tennis teams in 2003, and now is the assistant coach on an interim basis. She is in her 10th year at USC Upstate and her sixth as associate athletic director. She remains physically active as she plays on a USTA tennis league, was a member of the 2007 National Intramural Basketball Championship team, and just ran the Boston Marathon in May 2008.


Tori Van Camp, certified MGCP
Compete Mindset Athletics
Nashville, TN.

Tori is a retired D1 softball player with 15 years on the field as a player and a High School & travel Softball Coach. Her extensive background in softball as well as time playing volleyball, soccer and running track has given Tori the knowledge to understand there’s more to playing sports than physical strength, hard work and talent. Through the highs and lows of playing sports including injuries and tough coaches, she knows that mental toughness is often missing from sports. Working with athletes who want to succeed in sports is Mental Game Coach Tori’s specialty. Using her personal experiences and Mental Coach training, she is able to help youth, high school, and collegiate athletes improve their competitive edge.


Mary S. Hill, LCSW, CEAP, Certified MGCP
Hilltop Mental Performance Coaching
Arlington, TX
Phone: 817-706-3217

Mary holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, helping individuals with addressing specific personal issues and the achievement of their goals. Mary’s primary focus is assisting athletes to get the most out of their practice and to enhance their performance during competition. Mary’s first experience in competitive athletics was in figure skating as a child. Now, as a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, she devotes herself to training, teaching, and continuing to achieve success in martial arts competition, while also helping others gain skills that help them to achieve performances beyond their expectations.

Terry Gros, M.A., Certified MGCP
Phone: 337-349-5255

Terry combines his many years as a mental health counselor, school counselor, and former college athlete in supporting athletes and non-competitive performers in their efforts to reach their full potential and achieve their highest goals. Terry works with athletes and performers of all ages and ability levels, including collegiate, high school, amateur, as well as athletes and parents associated with a number of state-wide youth recreational programs. His focus includes mental skills training, health and wellness, and sport parent education.

Nicole J. Adams, Ph. D., Certified MGCP
Lubbock, Texas
Phone: 806-778-7103

Dr. Nicole Adams grew up in South Africa and now makes Texas her home. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (specializing in Sport Psychology) from Texas Tech University.

Nicole’s love for sports and working with athletes led her to pursue a career in coaching and mental performance. Throughout her graduate studies, Nicole worked with collegiate athletes in life skills and athlete mentoring programs to assist them in achieving their best both on and off the field.

Nicole now works with recreational and professional athletes to attain greater satisfaction and performance in their sport through mental coaching. She is also a member of the graduate faculty in the College of Education at Texas Tech University where she teaches and works with students to accomplish their research goals. Nicole coaches endurance athletes in triathlon, running, and cycling and continues to develop her skills, knowledge, and passion in mental coaching.


Bryanna Raff, MGCP
Lehi, Utah
Website: Coming Soon

Coach Bry is passionate about helping athletes progress their game to the next level through mental performance coaching. She grew up playing soccer, and basketball and played volleyball and basketball in high school. In her sophomore year in high school, they were runner-ups to the volleyball state title and claimed the championship her junior year. She went on to play college basketball for Southern Oregon University where she graduated in 3 years with a bachelor’s degree in Health and P.E. and a minor in Psychology. Along with being a mental performance coach, Bry is the director of a girls’ youth basketball club in Utah, and a coach, and trainer.

As an athlete, Bry understands the importance of mental toughness and wishes she had a coach when she was younger. Through her research, Coach Bry sees how mental performance coaching could’ve taken her game to the next level and helped her achieve the level she knew she was capable of but struggled to reach. Coach Bry is excited to help athletes that have similar feelings learn what is holding them back from performing at the next level.


Scott Worthington, Certified MGCP
Herndon, VA

Scott is a Health and Physical Education teacher with over 20 years experience in Elementary, Middle schools and Coaches High School Cross Country and Track (distance) in Virginia. Over the years, Scott has used a variety of mental preparation techniques with runners, in the classroom and at running camps. Scott’s main focus is for all athletes to maximize their capabilities and improving their mental side of their sport.

Reyna Gilbert, M.S., MGCP
Blacksburg, Virginia
Phone: 954-806-3551

Reyna Gilbert, M.S. is a former NCAA Division I gymnast who teaches others athletes how to develop an optimal mindset for sports performance. She has worked with gymnasts and athletes in various sports to develop strategies to enhance mental toughness and help them achieve their goals. Gilbert earned her master’s degree in Sports Psychology from Ball State University and has worked with several divers from the US Diving Training Center in Indianapolis, Indiana who competed in 2004 Olympic Trials. She has also worked with athletes at the Bolliterri Tennis Academy to enhance their mental performance.

C. Douglas Finney, LCSW BCD, certified MGCP
Finney Psychological Associates
Norfolk, VA

Douglas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience in working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Douglas has extensive training in solution-focused psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, clinical hypnosis and family therapy and has had extensive psychiatric mental health experience in the tidewater area since 1973. She has also received extensive postgraduate training as a Personal Coach. A Personal Coach utilizes advanced communication and life skills to help individuals create a more fulfilling personal and professional life. Douglas has a specialty in Sports Psychology and especially enjoys working with adult, adolescent and child athletes and who are interested in reaching their potential for peak performance. She has worked with numerous individual athletes as well as teams from local universities, high schools, sports academies and youth leagues. These techniques also are very effective with musicians, singers and other performers.

Andrew Harris, certified MGCP
Oakton, VA
Phone: 703-317-9333

Andy is a native of Wales and a former soccer player who played and coached professionally in the UK, Middle East and US. Andy came to the US in 1985 to coach soccer at the collegiate level and later earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. He founded High Tech Health, Inc., a successful corporate health & fitness business that he sold in 2003. Subsequently he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of The Golf Life Institute and during that time worked with a number of college golfers and touring professionals on the mental and physical aspects of their game. Andy is a scratch golfer and a successful amateur player, competing in the VA State Amateur and Senior State Open. He believes his extensive experience as a professional athlete, coach and competitor gives him a unique perspective to help athletes and golfers seeking ways to improve their performance. Currently he works with a number of successful junior, collegiate and senior golfers. Within the last year his students have competed in the US Senior Amateur, British Senior Amateur and Junior World Golf Championships. Andy is also President of Asian Golf Adventures, a specialty golf travel company, and a founder of The Gallipeau Harris Foundation, a charitable organization that provides educational opportunities and resources for poor students in Asia.

Kevin Willis, MGCP
Richmond, VA

Kevin is a USA Hockey Level 5 Master Coach and has coached Youth Hockey Coach for the
past 15 years. Based in Virginia, Kevin has developed a Mental Coaching Practice specifically designed for hockey players. Through personal one-on-one training, team training, as well as workbooks and lectures, Kevin’s goal is to help players develop the mental side of their game and provide coaching materials and services to help player improve their mental game. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Sports Psychology and has several books and workbooks available for those wanting to take their game to the next level.


Val Whiting, certified MGCP
Woodinvile, Washington
Phone: 302-420-0207

Val’s coaching journey is rooted in her exceptional history as an athlete. Her illustrious career at Stanford, marked by championships and individual honors, serves as a foundation for her deep understanding of the athlete’s mindset. Val’s WNBA experience allows her to offer relatable advice and strategies for managing stress, overcoming setbacks, and staying focused on goals. Currently finalizing her Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology, Val ensures her training methods are backed by the latest scientific insights. This academic pursuit enriches her coaching, infusing it with a deep understanding of the mental challenges athletes face and the most effective strategies for overcoming them.

Beyond her athletic experience, Val’s dedication to mental performance coaching is about unlocking an athlete’s full potential. With her, athletes discover the psychological resilience and mental fortitude necessary to excel in their sport and life. Whether you’re a professional looking to refine your competitive edge, a young athlete seeking more confidence, or a team aiming for unparalleled cohesion, Val’s approach, grounded in real-world experience and academic insight, offers tailored strategies for success. In choosing Val as a mentor, athletes and teams gain more than a coach; they gain a partner dedicated to nurturing mental strength, enhancing performance, and inspiring a lifetime of achievement.

Robin Johnson, certified MGCP
Olympia, WA
Phone: 360-280-5971

Robin Johnson earned her BA degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Psychology from Saint Martins University where she was an intercollegiate basketball player. Robin is a MGCP who works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. She is a certified sports hypnotist and also operates as a personal basketball trainer providing individual discipline and instruction to local athletes. Serving as the head coach for girls’ basketball at Black Hills High School, Robin’s teams have boasted an 88% winning record.

With her experience as an athlete, coach, and teacher, Robin possesses a vast array of knowledge and comprehension of the mental side of competition. She works with athletes and teams of various ages, sports, and skill levels. Her education in mental skills training combined with her ability to communicate effectively with athletes help build the skills players need to apply their training to competition. She is committed to influencing and empowering athletes in reaching their athletic goals and embracing life long mental skills.

Pomaika’i Miyata, Certified MGCP
Inner Core Edge
Seattle, WA
Website: Sports Psychology for Skating
Phone: 206-832-9048

Pomai Miyata was a competitive multi-sport High School athlete, and has been a successful Fitness Professional with over 30 years in the field. She has a BS and MS from the University of Washington. She works with athletes of all skill levels with a special emphasis in Figure Skaters, Youth, Women, and The Mind-Body connection. She is the parent of a high level competitive figure skater, and uses this unique perspective in her work with Youth Athletes and their Parents to empower them and maximize their performance in their sport as well as keep balance in their lives.

She passionately believes that experiences in sport can teach many life lessons. She also believes that parents can either be an asset or liability to their child in sport. If we ask our athletes to learn to play the mental game, then we as parents must learn to do so as well. She also works with Figure Skating Programs to educate parents and coaches on how to support their skaters by addressing issues that lead to the sport’s reputation for “Skate Moms/Dads,” athlete emotional abuse, bullying and eventual attrition in sports participation.

Dr. Kate K. Lund, Certified MGCP
Edmonds (Seattle), WA
Website: Puget Sound Sports Psychology
Phone: 888-742-7225

Dr. Kate Lund is a licensed clinical psychologist and performance coach with more than 15 years of experience. She has specialized training in medical psychology from Shriners Burn Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, all of which are affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lund uses a strengths-based approach in working with young athletes and teams to improve their mental game in sports, school and life while helping them to reach their full potential. She has a special interest in working with athletes recovering from injury, helping them cope and maintain their mental edge. Dr. Lund played collegiate tennis and these days is an avid golfer and fitness swimmer.



Matt Cella, PGA of Canada Class A Professional
Coach Of The Year 2015 (Island Region)
BC Provincial Coach
Coaching Developing Competitors Certified
TPI Junior Level 2 Certified
Simon Fraser University Assistant Coach

Matt grew up in Surrey, England where his first loves were soccer and tennis. It wasn’t until a severe knee injury that Matt first took up golf at the age of 16.  After a few months Matt was hooked. After a move to British Columbia Canada, Matt attended Vancouver Island University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. During his time at VIU, Matt was a member of the golf team and contributed to many team wins and a BCCAA Championship. In 2007, Matt passed his playing ability test and joined the PGA of Canada. In 2013 he became a Class A Professional. Matt’s golf coaching has enabled him to work with some of the best players in BC. In his private coaching Matt works with numerous high level players including Provincial Champions and PGA Tour Canada Players. 

As a Provincial Coach with the British Columbia Golf Association for the past 6 years, Matt has led the Junior Girls Team to a win in the North Pacific Team Matches back to back years, coached the 2016 Boys Team to take 2nd place at the Canadian Junior Championships and coached Team BC to team Silver medals at the 2017 Canada Summer Games. As part of the coaching team at Simon Fraser University, he has helped both Men’s and Women’s Team gain their highest ever NCAA rankings. In his spare time Matt can be found playing golf at some of Vancouver’s many fine courses, visiting his in-laws on Gambier Island or attending a pub trivia nights.


Emmanuelle Davis, MGCP
Vancouver, BC, Canada
France, Italy
Phone: +1.236.999.6539

Emmanuelle Davis with Forza Mental Performance advises international champions, amateur and professional athletes all over the world, in English, French and Italian. Forza works in various sports, with athletes of all ages, and proudly specializes in advising Para-athletes, Master athletes and Boxers. Our mission, as a mental performance expert, is to help athletes push personal boundaries, overcome challenges and achieve their goals

Emmanuelle is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional. She is also trained in Mental Health in Sports and Psychology of Performance by the Coaching Association of Canada. Previously, she worked for over 10 years as a Director of Finance and Business Planning, striving for efficiency.

She is also a very active athlete, competitive boxer and a boxing coach. She is French and Italian and lives in Vancouver, Canada. As a Mental Coach she is fascinated by the ability of sports to drive athletes toward excellence. She always strives to help athletes improve their performance and reach new achievements.

Janice Wong, certified MGCP
Tofino, BC

Janice holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of British Columbia and is a trained active life and motivational coach, with an NLP coaching background and certificate in trauma counselling. Janice has over 13 years experience working with individuals in major life transitions with experiences of crisis and trauma. As an athlete with over 18 years dedicated to surfing and diving in the cold waters of Canada, Janice knows the patience, practice, and perseverance required in order to achieve success in any direction. She has competition experience from her local competitions and has spent over a decade working with successful surf schools on Vancouver Island and believes in using a strengths-based, client centred approach in learning and development. Within her mental game skills training, she uses various tools and techniques developed in NLP, EFT/TFT Tapping, meditation, breathwork and yoga to help athletes develop the edge that they need and break through anxiety and stresses that can come with competition, to build a strong and more resilient, focused athlete. As a mental game coach, Janice is here to support you in building the competitive edge that you need to break away from the pack and be the champion you can be. She brings her real-world experiences to help you overcome your individual, mental game challenges and achieve peak performance in and out of the water.


Megan McDougall, MGCP
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Megan McDougall’s full-time work is a Personnel Selection Officer in the Canadian Army. Personnel Selection Officers are the behavioural science experts in the Canadian Armed Forces. Specifically, her job as a PSO is to provide professional advice to military members in the areas of recruiting, selection, leadership, performance and other issues.  Megan McDougall is also a National Military Basketball team member, where she has travelled internationally to participate in the World Military Games. She has spent the last 10 years working part-time with athletes, specifically basketball players. She believes that all athletes deserve to feel confident and play to their full potential.

Dean Beattie, certified MGCP
Alberta, Canada
Phone: 780-874-0335

John Stevenson M.A., M.A.C.P. Registered Psychologist #3559
Provisional Registered Psychologist

Alberta, Canada
Phone: Phone: (780) 803-5646
Web: Zone Performance

John Stevenson specializes in the fields of Wellness and Stress-Management and Sports and Performance psychology. John has two Master’s degrees. John obtained his first Master’s degree in Sports Psychology from York University in Toronto in 1992 and he obtained his second Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from City University in Edmonton in 2006. He is Registered Psychologist within the Province of Alberta and is a member in good standing with Psychology Association of Alberta and The College of Alberta Psychologists. John also is a Licensed Heartmath Provider, Certified Coherent Breathing Instructor, Mental Game Coach Professional, and is also trained in Self-Regulation Therapy. John utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, and Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Therapy to provide his clients with skills, resources, and solutions that enable them to discover their innate potential for health, happiness, and success.

John’s Sports Psychology/Mental Skills Program utilizes the latest Sports Science technology (Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, etc.) to enhance a performer’s ability to stay focused, composed, and alert. John uses his clinical, coaching expertise and personal experiences as a competitive athlete and coach to teach athletes, parents, and coaches how to develop their mental toughness skills (e.g., commitment, confidence, concentration, composure, consistency, competitiveness, courage, coachability, control, and communication, etc.) to achieve the winning edge. His Sports Psychology focuses on improving the performers thought processes to overcome self-limiting emotional and physical barriers to acquire a champion’s mindset towards Peak Performance.

For more information about John Stevenson and his individual, team and corporate programs feel free to call him at 780-922-0031 or e-mail him at or check out his website: for more information about his services and products for Individual Counseling, Stress Management, Vision Training, and Performance Psychology.

Jaci Freeman, MGCP
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Optik IQ
Phone: 780-297-5224

Jaci Freeman is a Certified Mental Game Coach and a Certified Cognitive/Visual Trainer & Rehabilitation Specialist.She is the founder of OptikIQ, and has been in the sports training world and Cognitive Training areas for nearly 30 years. In practice since 2011, Jaci’s previous 17 years of expertise was devoted to the Hockey World,blending both performance and mental game coaching. Jaci is a proven leader in cognitive & visual training. She has studied directly with the developers of the Synaptec, Dynavision, & Neurotracker Systems. She also uses Fitlight – The speed & agility light training system for athletes and professionals. And Jaci is always adding new resources & developing training programs to help you stay on top of the curve! Jaci’s “Be Limitless” program has trained 500 and counting young athletes improve both their sports performance and academic performance and achieve their ultimate goals!


Mackenzie Huckla, certified MGCP
Fredericton, New Brunswick
”Zone Flow”

Mac has been in the social field for 8 years, and enjoy supporting people to better their lives one way or another. He is a huge sport fan of all sports. Playing sports since 3 years old, he has a sport mind. By connecting love for helping others and sports, the ultimate would be helping athletes reach the goals and zone flow limits! With high performance experience in lacrosse (field and box), that will be my main focous however he is educated and up to speed with the current needs of mental performance in all sport.


Lisa Sheppard, MGCP
Lamaline, NL Newfoundland CANADA
Phone: 709-746-3852

Newfoundland Mental Coach

Lisa Sheppard is the owner of GaleForce Athletics & Sport Performance Coaching.  She is a certified Mental Game & Sport Performance Coach, certified personal trainer, certified youth yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, & a mental health & wellness professional who specializes in the TOTAL wellness of young athletes, coaches, and teams to help them get the edge in performance through Mental Game Coaching, Strength, Conditioning and Mobility programs.

As a high-performance athlete (runner) herself for 35 years, 25 years coaching/working with kids, and now as a mom of 4 kids, she recognizes the pressures, needs and struggles that comes with being a young athlete as well the challenges for coaches and parents. Lisa’s varied background enables her to be effective using a wide variety of tools to help individual and team sport. Lisa has created GaleForce Athletics, a program to improve the performance of young athletes, help parents and coaches support their athletes by creating a positive healthy environment, and develop the mind and body to be at its peak.


Mariam Tristana Monk, certified MGCP
London, ON Canada
Phone: 519-318-55517
Softball Portfolio: Baseball Job Overseas

Mariam Tristana ‘Tana’ Monk is a certified Mental Game Coach.She has been a competitive fastpitch softball player for 14 years and has traveled internationally to follow her passion of softball. She still has big goals for herself as an athlete and is working on her own physical and mental game. Throughout her career, she has gained coaching experience by volunteering at local team practices, coaching primary and intermediate school kids in New Zealand, working alongside veteran pitching instructors, and starting her own clinics and private lessons.

Tana believes that the mental aspect of any sport is just as important as the physical skill that it takes to compete. When it comes to pitching, she has first hand experience in what it’s like to deal with expectations, pressure, distractions, and lack of confidence. Tana uses her coaching and personal experience to help athletes, coaches, and parents how to develop their mental toughness. She teaches skills such as how to gain confidence and trust, goal setting, visualization, self-doubt, and overall success on and off the field.

Lesley Timbol, R.P., certified MGCP
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-805-6155

I am a Registered Psychotherapist who also happens to be a bodybuilder.  My expensive ‘hobby’ started in 2014 when I began competing in bodybuilding. Initially it was a ‘bucket list’ thing but my interest grew and I competed in 5 competitions my first year, 3 competitions in the 2nd year, 2 competitions in my 3rd year, and 2 competitions in my 4th year, which was in 2017.  I am currently in my prep for a higher level, very competitive Canadian bodybuilding show in August of 2018.

One piece I found that has been missing in the bodybuilding industry is mental game coaching and now I want to fill that gap. I plan on applying the MGCP education with bodybuilders of all categories. I want to help my fellow bodybuilders address many of the common themes that happen to be common in all sports, i.e., addressing faulty/problematic beliefs, the messages we tell ourselves, examining the motivation for our chosen sport, managing expectations, dealing with distractions and so on.

Bodybuilders know how to train hard in the gym but when they are distracted in/out of the gym, struggle with their diet, struggle with peak week, (i.e., water/sodium load & de-load, carb deplete & carb up), over analyze the night before &/or the day of the show and so on that will hinder their performance on stage and thus their placing.  Now equipped with the MGCP mental game strategies, I can coach bodybuilders to build a mental iron of strength to perform with genuine confidence, poise and conviction to truly take their mental physique and conditioning to another level.


Bill (Mac) MacIntyre, certified MGCP
Multiple Applications & Concepts
Mississauga, CA
Phone: 416 938-1457

Bill has been a coach of baseball & hockey at all levels with a strong focus towards hockey as an assistant coach for the Aurora Tigers of the OJAHL, and as a coach with the GTHL U17 Program of Excellence. Mental training has become a part of Bill’s coaching credentials and enjoys developing the athlete’s mental game to assist them in getting to the next level. Do you know how to set goals, maintain your confidence, control distractions, visualize and rehearse, refocus, and trust your skills? For a free questionnaire or for more information on mental training please visit the following web site, “Because Talent Is Never Enough”,

Ed Cohen, certified MGCP
Athlete’s Mind
Toronto, CA
Phone: 905 887-4756

I have been interested in the relationship between the mind and performance. For the past ten years as a running coach (and more recently duathlon), I have applied mental training skills to my programs. There is rarely a time when beliefs about self, confidence and motivation do not affect performance. The physical training is the easy part. The mental challenges are the formidable ones for many!

Recently, I decided to focus on Sports Psychology to help people grow not only as athletes, but as the whole person as well. It has been my experience that as you grow on the field and overcome the challenges that present themselves in sport, you are able to bring these skills and confidence to other aspects in your life. Sport serves as an excellent backdrop to improve both your performance and your life and it is my goal to help you get there.

I have been an athlete all of my life and have participated in Martial Arts, Cycling, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis and Squash. I ran my first marathon in 1977 and have since run 20, including Boston and and currently compete in Marathons and Duathlons.


Des J Lynch BA., BSW., M.Ed., RCC,.MGCP
Victoria, BC
Phone: 250-858-6161

Des Lynch specializes in mental skills training to enhance sports performance so athletes have the mental edge in competition. He holds degrees in Psychology, Social Work and has a Masters of Education degree in Clinical Counseling. Des has a long association with
athletes and manages at the national team level. Des employs an athlete centered approach and empowers athletes to perform at their peak when engaged in both training and competition. He works with individual athletes, teams and community.


Shayne McGowan, certified MGCP
Mental Edge Performance
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
Phone: 204-880-9915

Shayne McGowan is the founder of Mental Edge Performance. His extensive experience in sports has left him with a very strong mental game background. Shayne is a Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and has been certified through the MGCP Program with Dr. Patrick Cohn. Shayne has also studied at Cal State University, has played football at the collegiate level and had a brief stint in the professional level. He is a member of Coaches of Canada and is NCCP certified. He has 30 years of fitness background as a trainer and is an advanced Defensive Tactics instructor. Shayne is a Senior instructor at TRP Academy, one of Canada’s Premier Martial Arts Academies.

Mental Edge Performance was founded based on creating a superior standard of training for athletes on and off of the field. Shayne has a talent for teaching and coaching. He focuses on working with the athletes, teams, coaches, parents and organizations helping them reach their goals. Using his strong mental game background and certifications, he focuses the athlete on awareness, performance, managing and leading, performance anxiety and self-doubt, fear of failure, goal setting and success.


Agustina De Giovanni, MGCP
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +541162299385

I have spent my life in swimming as a competitor, coach, and mental coach. than without it.  I have swam competitively for almost two decades. I represented my country at the Olympic Games 2004-2008, World Championships, PanAmGames, European, and so on. And in those years, I have learned so many things and the one thing that made the most impact in my life was the mental part of sports. The mind plays the biggest role in everything! I realized coaches teach us to have a better speed, better technique, better nutrition… but not how to have a better mind. I want to reach as many athletes as possible to make sure they don’t learn late the lesson I did about the value of mental training. Today, I work with soccer players from Professional leagues, Olympic swimmers, Olympic field hockey players, and coaches from different sports. I dedicate my life to Mental Training in Elite Sports. I hope to inspire others to have a balanced life and give back to sports all it has taught me.


Wolfgang Sulzgruber (MSc.), certified MGCP
Salzburg, Austria
Cell: +43 699 120 28 973

Wolfgang Sulzgruber (MSc.) is coaching individuals as well as teams in sports, corporate or personal environment (team development meetings, personal development, conflict management, goal setting, preparation for difficult events, etc.). He has a long experience in business training and a degree in Industrial Economics with special emphasis on Product Management. His strong focus on communication- and Teamwork-improvement and his education in NLP were the fist steps into coaching. He is/was active in different team sports (soccer) and individual sports (martial arts, tennis, badminton, snowboarding). Why mental coaching? “Because coaching is my profession and I love sports. A lot of times I watch athletes/teams that are quite good with respect to their technical/physical abilities, but fail in competition or during season because they do not believe in themselves and have no strong team cohesion. Mental coaching shows us a way how to change that and pave the mental way for our clients to success.”


Ali Hassan Baqeri, Mental Game Coach Professional (MGCP)
00(973) 3897011
Kingdom of Bahrain

I am Ali Baqeri from Bahrain, I have experience around 20 years in sport fields ( physically and mentally). Graduated from University of Bahrain as a PET (Physical Education Teacher), I played as a soccer player for sitra club for many seasons then i joined al shabab soccer club for two seasons. I also have more certifications in this field, I have AFC soccer coaching license level C. and I have also the experience of working as certified Referee for the ministry of education.

All this experience that I had lead me to be int rested in sport psychology as its the most important aspect that affects any sport game or role specially in Arab world where there is lack of knowledge about the importance of this field and how can this help us to improve our sport here. That’s encouraged me to start studying mental training and get the MGCP certification. I worked as a mental training lecturer with many teams in Bahrain and GCC . I also worked as a mental traing coach with many professional athletes in soccer, volleyball, basketball and hand ball.


Enrico Tasca, Certified MGCP
São Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 19-98877-0048

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, Emotional Intelligence, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapist certifications. I extensively work with high performance tennis players both in one-on-one and online improving emotional control to their games.


Anders Sogaard, certified MGCP
Gentofte, Denmark
Phone: +45 3962 2068

I have been involved in sports since age 6. Played soccer almost everyday and participated in club practice and matches. Since age 14, I have been doing elite sports, when I started boxing. My boxing career lasted 1 1/2 years and boxed under the Danish boxing organization. I had 11 fights and won all 11. 2 times I beat the reigning Danish junior champion. At age 15, I started playing Basketball as a junior. At age 17, I coached my first team who were boys at the age of 12 years. At age 19, I joined a full-time coaching education at a Danish sports high school (Den Jyske Idrætsskole, Vejle). The course was 8 months full time. My first priority class was Basketball and I had Swimming as second class. After finishing this education, I joined a team in the best Danish Basket Ball league. I played in this league for 11 years. The last 2 years as captain for a team that won 1 championship title and 2 Cup titles (Stevnsgade). Also during my 11 years in Basketball I coached different teams, both youth
teams and adult teams. One of the youth teams went on to win the national championship for their age group (17 years). The last 9 years I have played golf and has reached a handicap of 6.


Frédéric MERELLE, certified MGCP
Phone: +358451099494

French citizen, Frédéric Mérelle lives in Finland and is a HR professional specialised in Learning & Development and working for the European Union. He used to be a competitive tennis player and coach tennis from the age of 17 years old. Frédéric has specialised in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and coaching/mentoring. Recently, he became a certified business coach (ICF) and is passionate about helping people to grow. He is convinced mental toughness is the key element for people and athletes to reach their goals. If they commit and are honest with themselves, they have the ability to maximise their potential. Improving the mental game of athletes is fascinating and trust is one element that facilitate the journey of both. Fréderic also helps athletes to see themselves first as a person based on his mix background Business/Sport coaching, that facilitates and develops the performance of the athlete.


Jonathan Wallett PGA
Evian Masters Training Center, France
Royal Pines Resort, Australia
Tel +41 79 343 2524

Jonathan is a PGA Golf Professional, who is the Director of the Elite Coaching Golf Academy, which is based in Evian, France and the Gold Coast, Australia. The Academy focuses on elite players between the ages of 16 and 25, both amateur and professional, who have aspirations of being Tour Players. As a player Jon represented England at international level, and for the last 17 years has concentrated on coaching, which has led him to teach or lecture in many countries all over the world, including Japan, Switzerland, UK and Australia. During this time he has engaged in the study of elite performance, and what are the critical success factors present in all elite performers, and then how to coach these factors in an individual and unique way to each student. Jon says, “A lot of young sportspeople have the talent and the possibility to be a champion. But often this talent is like a diamond that’s in a mine – it lies deep within, so the skill of the coach is to be able to mine this diamond of genius or talent and then constantly refine and polish it so eventually it becomes the finished article.”

Emmanuelle Davis, MGCP
Vancouver, BC, Canada
France, Italy
Phone: +1.236.999.6539

Forza works in various sports, with athletes of all ages, and proudly specializes in advising Para-athletes, Master athletes and Boxers. Our mission, as a mental performance expert, is to help athletes push personal boundaries, overcome challenges and achieve their goals

Emmanuelle is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional. She is also trained in Mental Health in Sports and Psychology of Performance by the Coaching Association of Canada. Previously, she worked for over 10 years as a Director of Finance and Business Planning, striving for efficiency. She is also a very active athlete, competitive boxer and a boxing coach. She is French and Italian and lives in Vancouver, Canada. As a Mental Coach she is fascinated by the ability of sports to drive athletes toward excellence. She always strives to help athletes improve their performance and reach new achievements.


Dr. Wolfgang Kuner, certified MGCP
Memmingen, Germany
Phone: +49.8331.9273844

Dr. Wolfgang Kuner coaches adults as well as children / adolescents and their parents. He is working with individuals and teams and individuals within teams. His focus is on results, on tailoring the mental game coaching to a particular individual’s goals. Dr. Kuner has a degree in business administration and a doctorate in social science. He is a NLP Sports Practitioner (Dr. Karl Morris / Trained Brain), and has further training in counselling (Rogers) and Kinesiology. His sports were badminton (B-licence), martial arts, and strength / endurance-training. His actual focus is on golf (C-licence). When coaching talented children / adolescents emphasis is given, too, to integrating the parents in order to create an environment that fosters the aspired goals. Dr. Kuner has developed a program for performance enhancement in golf, that combines the mental, physical and technical side of the game. He is also coaching executives in management and sales.


T.J Jain, Certified MGCP
Carol Stream, IL OR Delhi, India
Phone 630-752-8005

I am a licensed physical therapist have practiced in US from 1993 to 2003 as director of rehabilitation services. Presently am a professional golfer playing the Indian PGA ,ranked 76 in India .Also have been working in injury management and fitness expert capacity since 2003 with various athletes in India ,ranging from golf ,polo ,trap shooting and cricket. Wanted to understand human emotion learn to train myself as a golfer to be a scratch golfer and help my client to achieve their goals. Also to train kids at a early stage to control and understand their mental state and its importance.

Sujith Somasundar, certified MGCP
Bangalore, India
Phone: +91-98452-11023 (m)

The MGCP certification adds an edge to his rich experience in the sports field. Sujith has been a National and International Cricketer having represented both his State and country, Karnataka and India. Sujith has captained the Karnataka Ranji Trophy team for several successful seasons. He is also a single digit golfer who has won many club tournaments. Sujith also has well-rounded experience in coaching – he is a Level-2 Certified Cricket Coach & has coached in the National Cricket Academy, India. To add to his achievements are his academic accomplishments- he is an Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration. Sujith’s experiences as a competitive sports person combined with his coaching expertise have helped him understand and identify challenges faced by sports persons. He has the right mix of experience to help other sports persons with mental strategies and skills to balance their life with sports and maximize their potential in competitive sports.


Florence Meunier, Certified MGCP, ACTP
Phone: +39 391 794 7882

Florence’s background includes more than 26 years of experience in American multinationals in various sectors, and managerial roles with international scope. Leaving the corporate world a few years ago, she is the founder of her own consultancy Lean4U, mainly dedicated to Learning & Development, Executive Coaching and Mental Game Coaching.

In business, it is (usually) not enough to be smart and savvy to be successful. Likewise in sport competition, being technical and performing well during training are not enough to win, they are just the “entry tickets”. Florence helps athletes, teams and parents understand what Mental Game is and how to get prepared mentally to go beyond those entry tickets.

Passionate about sports, Florence is a former French national and European champion water-skier, and if she loves all sports, her areas of expertise are water-skiing, tennis and equestrian. Originally from France, Florence coaches in French, English, Spanish and Italian. You can connect with Florence in LinkedIn and book a free consultation here.

Camilla Dettori, Master Psicosport – certified MGCP
Milano, Italy
hone: +393488040498
Web: |

Camilla has been one of the Italian National Team players as a Junior and as a Senior. In 2012, she won the gold medal in the European Ladies Senior Championship. She has been Captain of the Italian National Team from 2006 to 2010 and had Matteo Manassero, Domenico Geminiani and Giulia Molinaro among the players she captained for. She has trained in sports psychology with Marisa Muzio and got the Psicosport Master in 2005. Her mission as mental trainer is to empower the performance of golfers using the “learning by action” protocol. No mental skill can be just learned but has to be useful for the game and applied. Is cofounder of the Clinic “Golf-Life Balance Academy” a program that integrates Life Coaching, Mental training, Technical teaching, Optometry and Posturology for enhancement of golf performance. She has experience as mental trainer of individual athletes, group seminars and workshops, and has worked as mental trainer for Junior Teams in collaboration with Golf Club Pro. She is writing articles for Golf Today Italy and House of


Koe Lai Yin, certified MGCP
Senior Academy Instructor
Member of PGAM, PGTA, MGCP

Mobile: +6012 5208211

Koe Lai Yin is widely known in Malaysia as a pioneering holistic Golf Coach. With over 20 years of competitive experience as a top national golfer, teaching professional, mental game coach and referee, she mentors her students on how to achieve peak performance. She drafted the syllabus and is also the Program Director for the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia Development Program that trains the nations top elite women golfers. Lai Yin is also the performance coach for the women’s National Team and her deep understanding and application of the mental game has resulted in Malaysia winning the Individual and Team National Open titles between 2009-2011 after a drought of 9 years. Besides her focus on women’s golf, she is also the Mental Game Coach for the Professional Golfers of Malaysia (PGM) High Performance Academy. In her Mental Game sessions, she helps her students understand themselves better Physically, Technically and Mentally. They learn to identify their top challenges and develop a Mental Game Plan. They also learn Coping Skills for Emotional Control, Focus, Visualisation and Relaxation Techniques as well as refinement of their mental Pre-Shot routines. Lai Yin coaches golfers of all levels, from young juniors to retirees, from beginners to professionals.


Rodney King, Certified MGCP
JHB, South Africa
Phone: 27 83 757 8592

Rodney King is widely known as the ‘Einstein’ of martial arts. He has created innovative martial arts programmes such as the Crazy Monkey Defense Programme (, the CHAOS Coaching model and the GAME Approach to martial arts, which is now taught in over 15 countries around the world. He authored the book, The Martial Arts GAME (Available at Amazon) that introduces the reader to an innovative and cutting edge approach to coaching martial arts in the 21st century. Rodney is the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in South Africa. He received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under famed BJJ Master, Rigan Machado. He has also worked with Special Force Military Units, countless CEO’s and world champion athletes. Rodney is an innovator in the martial arts world. As a registered Somatic Movement Educator and drawing from sport psychology, life coaching and a strengths based approach to coaching martial arts, he brings a unique, inspiring and fresh approach to martial arts as a vehicle to become a champion on and off the mat.

Mark Kassner, Certified MGCP
Randburg, SA
Phone: 011-7878745

Consolidated work of specialists and psychologists to give integrated approach to Mental Fitness Coaching. Mark trains every day in the gymnasium, both aerobic and light weights. He also plays golf to a 12 handicap and his goal is to play to a 6 handicap. Mark also coaches and works with REFEREES at present. He played rugby up to age 25 and almost made the provincial team. The area of mental training is a huge passion and interest and he hopes to do mental game coaching as a career option.


Helen Emms BSc MBA MNLP – certified MGCP
Hertfordshire, UK
Phone: +44 1923 464686

Helen has over 20 years experience of coaching in the sports and business arena, having spent 12 years in the Army where she was a physical training instructor. She is a competitive sports woman and low single figure handicap golfer. Her psychology degree thesis investigated the role of visual imagery in learning to putt in golf. She coaches professional and amateur athletes who want to improve their mental approach and competitive performance. Her main sports are golf and tennis. She describes her role as enabling players to achieve superior performance through a programme of mental game coaching and education and in doing so, also provide them with mental skills that will help them in all aspects of their life. Helen’s coaching methods are varied and client focused. She uses a wide range of techniques from the fields of Psychology, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Mark Russell, MBA, Accredited in Sports Emotional Intelligence Coaching – certified MGCP
London, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 7980 564402

Far too may athletes are a million miles away from being as great as they could be. Mark specialises in helping athletes be more positive, motivated and brilliant. In short, he will remind you how to be your best self…

Mark played professional rugby union for London Harlequins and Blackheath in 1990s. He’s had representative honours with teams in England and South Africa and travelled the world touring and playing rugby at the highest level. As well as allowing him to travel globally, sports taught Mark some great lessons about life and business and since he retired from professional sports, he’s scrubbed up nicely with the aim of making a dent in the universe.

Mark is dedicated to helping athletes just like you, experience sustainable performance, results and success. He’s passionate about inspiring people to tap into their unique talents and strengths – to be the best they can be – to fulfil the potential they always knew they had. He works with a variety athletes and coaches from a range of sports including, football, athletics, rugby, hockey and netball. Clients include: Rachel Morris, Paralympic Gold Medalist at Rio 2016 and London 2012, Players from Premiership Rugby Clubs and Championship Rugby Clubs, Elite-level athletes and Academy-level football players. Ongoing projects include working with elite-level athletes at Wellington College and Chaterhouse School, two of Britain’s leading independent schools with an excellent reputation for sport.

The very best thing about Mark is that he’s keen as mustard to help you be the very best version of yourself so you can overcome the mental blocks that can sabotage your performance. Now that really matters!


Nour Sabbagh, MGCP, CPCC, ACC
Authenticity Coaching and Consulting, LCC
UAE, Dubai
Phone: 971-55-945-9056

The core theme of Nour’s career has been creation and reinvention. She graduated with a BSc in Biology and a Minor in Management from McGill University. After which she excelled in various industries ranging from a career in research in pharmaceuticals (Sanofi Aventis), to later heading the leading advertising and communication agency in Jordan (Y&R). Her continuous growth led to a unique and diverse portfolio of multi-talented experience and knowledge. In 2011, she embarked on her coaching journey with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) in NYC through which she earned her title of CPCC (Certified Professional Coactive Coach). She also holds the title of ACC (Accredited Certified Coach) from the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Last year, she co-founded n.light.n; a coaching company based in Amman, Jordan in which she coached professional athletes from various sports backgrounds (Soccer, Weightlifting, Track and Field, Taekwondo) to enhance their performance. In December 2014, she joined Authenticity as their Health and Sports Mentality Coach. She is a certified MGCP (Mental Game Coaching Professional), the sole holder of this qualification in the Middle East/GCC. She is continuously amazed by the capabilities of the human body and has seen firsthand the remarkable results when mind and body are aligned for the win.

FAR EAST – Singapore

Jill Quek – certified MGCP
Phone: +65 91885709

Jill Quek has more than a decade of coaching experience and is a well-known athlete in the floorball scene. Through Mental Game Coaching, she has helped her athletes overcome their mental challenges, improve their game and produce outstanding results. Jill actively inculcates values and promotes character development through sports to develop a champion mindset both on and off court. Her coaching experience ranges from youth development to national athletes. She received a prestigious ‘Coach Recognition Award’ in 2007 for her outstanding contribution to the Floorball scene.

Jill was headhunted to play for top clubs in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. She emerged as Foreign Most Valuable Player during her playing stint in the Finland Women Elite Floorball League, 4 times ALL-Star Centre in the World Floorball Championships and Captain her National Team. Jill’s talent in sports extends beyond Floorball to other sports such as Soccer, Inline Hockey and Ice Hockey where she represented the country on an International level.

With her experience both as a coach and competitive athlete, she has insightful knowledge of holistic skills when coaching athletes and teams. Her coaching philosophy encompasses a triangle of coaching the Body, Mind and Spirit to excel in sports. Jill strongly advocates that Mental Game Coaching is a lifelong skill that will equip athletes with the performance edge and confidence to overcome challenges.

Hansen Bay – BSc PSY, BA PE, certified MGCP

Hansen has been involved with sport, fitness and education for more than 20 years. He has worked with athletes ranging from kids to state players competing at international competitions. He is also the coach for Singapore’s Goalball Men’s team and regularly makes use of this Paralympics game for the blind to teach sighted athletes the mental skills associated with focus, confidence and trust.

Hansen has extensive experience delivering presentations and facilitating workshops on topics related to team cohesion and peak performance. His academic qualification includes a BA in Physical Education and BSc in Psychology. He is also a trained hypnotherapist.

Alfred Lye, MA, FCMC – certified MGCP

Has been involved in various sports since serving in the Military. During that period he has been active in Chinese Martial Arts as an athlete, Chairman at Club level to National Wushu Council body. He has been active in rugby at school level as part of a coaching support. Presently he is working with a World Class Athlete in Adventure Extreme Sports. Chiefly drawing from his experience and techniques learnt from the MGCP course, he is focusing on mental toughness and how to stay positive and confident in adversity in the “I can” attitude for a variety of sports.

Saudi Arabia

Alaa Kanno, MGCP
Saudi Arabia
 Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:  @AlaaKanno

Alaa Kanno is a former professional football player for several saudi clubs. He he wins with Al-Nahdah Team the gold medal of the first division league. Currently Alaa is personal mental coach of the national team player Mohammed Kanno who’s awarded the best player in Saudi Arabia in 2018-2019 season. Also, Alaa has conducted a work shop for the under 20 Saudi national team that was qualified to Asia National Cup.  Alaa holds a bachelor of science degree in Chemical engineering from Heriot Watt University in Scotland and currently a chemical engineer in Saudi Aramco. Alaa is an associated coach in the Saudi Arabian Regional Training Centers (RTC) for talent exploration. In addition, he is a practitioner coach with Sound Heart center for family counseling. He is ACU, MGCP and IMGCA certified.

Tawfeeq Albakry – PhD in Sport Psychology & Certified MGCP
Saudi Arabia
Twitter: @AlbakryTawfeeq

Tawfeeq was a basketball player, PE teacher, and the Saudi national university basketball team coach. He has a PhD in Sport Psychology in 2007 from Exeter University, UK. A member of International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP). He’s worked as the head of Physical Education Department at Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia, and lately as the Dean of College of Education. In association with the Leaders Development Institute (LDI) of Saudi Ministry of Sport, he presented number of lectures, workshops and seminars in sport psychology domain. Teaching sport psychology in college for long time, but it seems that it’s about time to apply sport psychology in the field. Increasing awareness of mental game and mental toughness for athletes in the Arab world is considered my first mission. Interested in helping athletes to overcome mental barriers and help them to achieve their goals.

Czech Republic

Bc. Jan Moravec, DiS., MGCP
Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 721 577 578.

Honza comes from Prague, the capitol city of the Czech Republic. He was until 25 years old a soccer goalkeeper. He finished his University study by the exam from psychology, sociology and pedagogy. Thanks to sport background he decided to be a sport psychologist. Because he felt that the mindset is more than muscles. After the University he started to study hypnosis and NLP. And je uses these methods in his practice. He is working as a mental game coach. He works with professionals, semi-professional and amateurs. His clients play soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey, golf and some of them are from athletics area. His life effort is that he would like to be every day better than the day before.


Nika Pavic, MBA, MGCP
Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone: 0041 76 2050 764
Website: Mental Game Pro

Sports has been an integral part of my life ever since my high school being involved in short distance running. I spent most of my professional career working in corporate and political arena facing constant competition and unattainable high expectations. My interests in human peak performance started when I realized improving mental game and equilibrium is the steppingstone to optimizing any kind of performance.

I incorporated my knowledge of sports, public health, and high-level management to help people win their mental game without sacrificing the most important thing: their mental balance. I am certified in Transformation training, Personal fitness training and Weight management along with Mental Game Coaching Professional. My work with clients is based on detecting the weak spots of high achievers like fear of failure, high expectations, lack of focus and lack of trust in their skills. Second phase is applying drills for optimal performance following the principal of ”See one, Do One, Teach One”.  I provide my clients with the best strategies and tools, insist they practice them diligently until they are able to make it a habit to reach their peak state.