Athlete's Mental Edge

4 Tips to Help Athletes Stay Committed to Mental Training

Mental Training Commitment

Help Athletes Commit to Mental Training One of the keys to success for any coach, particularly a mental coach, is the ability to help athletes stay committed to their training. Factors That Hurt Commitment for Athletes 4 Ways to Help your Athletes Stay Committed Learn A Mental Training System Your Athletes Will Stay Committed To: With the right system, your …

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Engaging Athletes in Mental Training

Mental Coach Certification

How to Introduce Mental Training to Athletes Do sports parents contact you asking how to introduce mental training to their athletes? Parents can recognize that their athletes are under performing due to anxiety, perfectionism, or lack of focus—before their athletes notice it. And parents see the need when their athletes perform much better in practice than competition… But parents are …

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Help Athletes Commit to Mental Training

Sport Parent Coaching

Help Athletes Be Successful with Mental Training Do your athletes feel excited to start mental training only to lose interest quickly when they don’t see immediate results in their performance? Unfortunately, athletes often want the quick fix with mental training and may lose interest when results don’t come quickly. How to help your athletes commit to mental training is the …

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Tools to Improve Mental Coach Success

Sports Psychology Workbooks for Mental Coaches Did you know that we have other programs for mental coaches to improve your mental coaching other than the certification course for mental coaches? We’ve pulled out two programs that are normally included in the MGCP certification: (1) “The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system” and (2) “AMAP Assessment System.” Both programs are now available …

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Helping Athletes Adhere to Mental Training

Athlete Education on Mental Skills

Commitment to Mental Coaching To help your athletes succeed with mental training, they must both remember and apply what you teach them from your live sessions. We like to give athletes tasks or assignments to complete between lessons to accelerate and reinforce learning… The objective is to provide a means to reinforce the mental coaching lessons you teach. Providing athletes …

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