Tools to Improve Mental Coach Success

Sports Psychology Workbooks for Mental Coaches

Did you know that we have other programs for mental coaches to improve your mental coaching other than the certification course for mental coaches?

We’ve pulled out two programs that are normally included in the MGCP certification: (1) “The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system” and (2) “AMAP Assessment System.”

Both programs are now available to coaches and mental coaches who are NOT in the MGCP program

Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbooks

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbook system is a great complement to your current mental training because it helps improve the speed your athletes learn mental skills.

The Athlete’s Mental Edge workbooks help you:

  • Improve your athlete’s commitment to mental training
  • Organize homework assignments and strategies you provide
  • Accelerate your athlete’s learning curve with the mental game
  • Allow you to do more coaching or fine tuning and less “teaching”
  • Improve organization to your follow up sessions

The workbooks can also add perceived value to your current mental training programs.

Each workbook in the Athlete’s Mental Edge system teaches your athletes a specific mental skill. These topics were selected based on my 25 years plus experience doing mental coaching with junior, amateur, and professional athletes.

Here’s the good part… If you ever decide to take the MGCP course, you can apply the cost of the workbooks to the MGCP course. Read more about this program by following this link:

Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbook System

AMAP Assessment System

The AMAP Assessment System teaches coaches and mental coaches how to effortlessly do mental game assessments with athletes & teams.

The AMAP System teaches you how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look for when reading the AMAP, and how to do a summary of the AMAP.

In addition, you’ll also get several example follow up questions to ask and how learn about how to obtain more information on relevant topics.

The AMAP has several purposes beyond its use as an assessment tool. These include:

  • For evaluation and assessment.
  • As a starting place for mental coaching.
  • To help you improve your organization.
  • To guide the mental coach during the initial interview.
  • To help your athletes ponder their mental game a head of time.

You pay no licensing fees and no additional costs after purchase. Use my assessments with as many athletes and teams as you like!

Not only that, if you purchase the AMAP Assessment System, you can apply the cost towards the MGCP self-paced or live certification course.

You can upgrade–with the purchase of any program–to the MGCP course at any time. Read more here:

The AMAP Assessment System

Please contact us by phone at (888-742-7225) if you have any questions.

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