Mental Training

My System for Doing Mental Coaching with Athletes

Mental Performance Coach Certification

Sports Psychology Careers Do you want to do mental coaching with athletes? As a trainer, coach or psychologist, it is important to have a strategy for implementing mental training with your athletes. In this Careers in Sports Psychology video, Dr. Cohn explains his proven system for doing mental coaching with athletes and explains how you can make use of his …

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Lessons from Bob Rotella in Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology Certification

Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the top sports psychologists in the world. Learn more about Bob’s approach and inspiration for sports psychology and how he strove to help athletes improve confidence and trust in their sport. In this video, Dr. Cohn shares what he’s learned from the career of Bob Rotella and how it compares to his studies under …

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Assessing Mental Training Effectiveness

Golf Mental Coaching

Tracking Mental Skills Improvement How do you track your athletes’ improvement and quantifying the effectiveness of mental training? One problem with mental coaching is measuring the effectiveness of your programs with your athletes… You have to rely on self-reports from athletes unless you can use some solid statistical evidence for improvement. A problem with self-reports is that they’re not always …

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4 Tips to Help Athletes Stay Committed to Mental Training

Mental Training Commitment

Help Athletes Commit to Mental Training One of the keys to success for any coach, particularly a mental coach, is the ability to help athletes stay committed to their training. Factors That Hurt Commitment for Athletes 4 Ways to Help your Athletes Stay Committed Learn A Mental Training System Your Athletes Will Stay Committed To: With the right system, your …

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Education Helps Athletes Accept Mental Training

Sport Parent Coaching

How to Find the Teachable Moment How can you convince potential clients that it is worthwhile for them to spend time and money working with a mental coach to improve their game? This is a question an MGCP asked recently…. My answer: It’s hard to “convince” athletes and coaches they need mental game coaching unless they see a need for …

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