Sports Psychology

Lessons from Bob Rotella in Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology Certification

Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the top sports psychologists in the world. Learn more about Bob’s approach and inspiration for sports psychology and how he strove to help athletes improve confidence and trust in their sport. In this video, Dr. Cohn shares what he’s learned from the career of Bob Rotella and how it compares to his studies under …

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5 Challenges for Sports Psychology Experts

Gaining Credibility as a Mental Coach I know first-hand that it’s hard to promote yourself as a mental coach. Personally, I was not trained in business acumen when studying sports psychology in school. And who has the time to promote and advertise their business? Based on my survey with mental coaches, here are the top 5 challenges for mental coaches …

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When Should Athletes Start Mental Training?

Age for mental training

What Age do Athletes Start Mental Training? This is a very common question we receive from parents when they call in to inquire about mental coaching. However, there is not one simple answer because your answer depends on: Typically, we tell parents that most athletes can engage in a one-on-one mental training program if they are 12 and older. However, …

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Barriers to Starting a Mental Training Program

Certified Mental Coach

Why Athlete Avoid Mental Training What are the barriers to starting a mental training program for athletes, coaches, and parents? I received this question recently on my survey for mental coaches about their use of assessments… The biggest barriers to starting a mental training program include: First, I’m going to assume that you have a proven mental training program that …

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