Sports Psychologist Certification

5 Challenges for Sports Psychology Experts

Gaining Credibility as a Mental Coach I know first-hand that it’s hard to promote yourself as a mental coach. Personally, I was not trained in business acumen when studying sports psychology in school. And who has the time to promote and advertise their business? Based on my survey with mental coaches, here are the top 5 challenges for mental coaches …

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Top Mistakes Mental Game Coaches Make

Age for mental training

How to Understand Your Athletes’ Needs A mental game coach trying to establish himself recently asked me this question: “What is the number one mistake mental coaches make on the first session with an athlete?” I’ll give two answers to this question today because I think the answer depends on your philosophy about how to do mental coaching… First, I …

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One Key Strategy for Sports Psychologists

Adherence to mental training

Mental Game Coaching Tips Okay, there are no ‘tricks’ in helping athletes with the mental game, but this one strategy is pure gold. Athletes often will present a specific a mental game problem, but it might not be the real challenge that’s blocks them from success… My athletes sometimes guess at what’s getting in the way of success because that’s …

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Barriers to Starting a Mental Training Program

Certified Mental Coach

Why Athlete Avoid Mental Training What are the barriers to starting a mental training program for athletes, coaches, and parents? I received this question recently on my survey for mental coaches about their use of assessments… The biggest barriers to starting a mental training program include: First, I’m going to assume that you have a proven mental training program that …

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