Mental Training

Engaging Athletes in Mental Training

Mental Coach Certification

How to Introduce Mental Training to Athletes Do sports parents contact you asking how to introduce mental training to their athletes? Parents can recognize that their athletes are under performing due to anxiety, perfectionism, or lack of focus—before their athletes notice it. And parents see the need when their athletes perform much better in practice than competition… But parents are …

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Do Athletes Understand the Importance of Mental Training?

Athlete Education on Mental Skills

The Benefits of Mental Training For Athletes How can you help athletes understand the importance of the mental game? This is the topic of today’s tip for mental coaches. A mental coach working with golfers recently asked: “I work in golf and one of the biggest challenges is getting golfers to understand the game is at least 50% mindset. It’s …

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Why Athletes Avoid Mental Training

Mental Training Commitment

Help Athletes Understand Mental Training Dr. Cohn here from the MGCP certification course where I teach mental coaches how to overcome barrier to their success… What’s the top question I receive from mental coaches? Most everyone wants to know: “How can we help athletes understand the importance of mental training?” The truth is, many athletes, coaches, and sports parents don’t …

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