Career Mental Coach

How To Be A Successful Mental Coach

How to Be a Good Mental Coach

Four Phases Of Mental Training Starting a career as a mental coach, the first golfer I worked with said the following about the problems with improving his mental game: “When you have a problem with the swing, I can go the range and work on drills to improve my swing. But if I have a problem with my mental game, …

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Team Mental Game Assessments

Mental Toughness Tests for Teams What accommodations do you have to make to do team mental game assessments? This is a common question I receive during the MGCP sessions. When working with teams, you have to approach mental game assessments differently compared to working with a single athlete. We use the AMAP Assessment System for working with individual athletes. In …

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Mental Coaching: The First Session

Mental Skills Coaching

Mental Skills Coaching Session Apart from building rapport with your athletes in the first session, where do you start with your athletes? For certified Mental Game Coaching Professionals, the first step is to explain our programs with a potential athlete or parent. We explain the mental coaching process and what’s included in the programs. In some cases with young athletes, …

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Barriers To Starting A Mental Training Program

What are the barriers to starting a mental training program for athletes, coaches, and parents? I received this question recently on my survey for mental coaches about their use of assessments… The biggest barriers to starting a mental training program include: Athletes’ acceptance of mental training. Your credibility as a mental game coach. Access to athletes and coaches. First, I’m …

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