Mental Coach Credibility

One Way to Have Credibility as a Mental Game Coach

Sports Psychology Certification

Sports Psychology Careers How do you gain credibility as a mental coach in a sport? Do you have to know the sport your working in to be a successful mental coach, mental training expert, or sports psychologist for athletes? Mental coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn shares his experience in the field of applied sports psychology. How do you understand the sport …

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Athletes Who Respond Quickly To Sports Psychology

Mental Coach Certification

Athletes Who Learn Mental Skills Quickly One good problem to have as a mental coach is when your athletes improve quickly with mental coaching… Why would this be a problem? First, quick story…. I just started working with a high school aged club volleyball player who was focusing on all the wrong things, such as worrying about her teammates, coach, …

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Barriers To Starting A Mental Training Program

What are the barriers to starting a mental training program for athletes, coaches, and parents? I received this question recently on my survey for mental coaches about their use of assessments… The biggest barriers to starting a mental training program include: Athletes’ acceptance of mental training. Your credibility as a mental game coach. Access to athletes and coaches. First, I’m …

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