Mental Coaching: The First Session

Mental Skills Coaching Session

Apart from building rapport with your athletes in the first session, where do you start with your athletes?

For certified Mental Game Coaching Professionals, the first step is to explain our programs with a potential athlete or parent. We explain the mental coaching process and what’s included in the programs.

In some cases with young athletes, we schedule a free 15-minute session with the athlete to make sure it’s a good fit and he/she is committed to mental coaching.

Once we get commitment from the athlete or parent, we schedule the first session. We email the athlete or parent our AMAP assessment and athlete forms to complete.

All athletes complete an AMAP Assessment before the first session so we can evaluate their mental game. Prior to the first meeting we will also get parents or coaches input about their athlete.

During the first session, we discuss the athlete’s background, experience, and top challenges. We use the AMAP to ask follow up questions. We’ll also preview what we will be doing in the sessions and beyond.

Mental Game Coaching Professionals use the AMAP Assessment as a guide for discovering the athlete’s biggest mental game challenges.

The AMAP has several purposes beyond its use as an assessment tool which includes:

  • Evaluation and assessment.
  • A starting place for mental coaching.
  • To help you improve your organization.
  • A guide for the mental coach in the follow up interview.
  • Help athletes think about their mental game.

The first part of the session is building rapport and the second part is using the AMAP Assessment System to guide the interview.

In most cases, I’ll start coaching the first mental skill at the end of the first session–if time allows…

If you want to learn how to use the AMAP Assessment System and my entire coaching process with athletes, join the spring session of the MGCP certification program….

If you haven’t done so you can click on the link to fill out an application.

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