A Proven Mental Coaching System

What Works for Athletes in the Real World?

30 years ago, I finished my Ph.D. in Sports Psychology at The University of Virginia.

But it wasn’t a smooth transition from school to a career in mental coaching

My education prepared me to teach college students sports psychology and motor learning at the university level.

I taught college students for two years, but then started Peak Performance Sports in 1994.

As a graduate student at CSUF and UVA, I learned a ton about how to help athletes improve confidence, focus, and composure.

But I didn’t really have a proven mental coaching system for working with athletes.

And I didn’t know, firsthand, what worked for athletes in the real world (I had only started to work with athletes).

The biggest roadblock was that I didn’t have a system for helping my athletes succeed.

After about 10 years of trial and error as a mental coach, I learned what worked in the real world…

I polished my delivery, developed mental game assessments and handouts, and learned how to help athletes take mental coaching lessons from education to application.

Today, I teach the MGCP mental coaching system to qualified coaches, therapists, life coaches, and psychologists. And we are in the 11th year.

I jump-start your mental coaching career by sharing my experience, tools, and a proven method for mental game coaching via the MGCP course.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional?

  1. You learn my complete system for mental coaching without the headaches of 10 years of trail and error.
  2. You get access to my mental game assessment (AMAP) to help uncover your athletes’ mental barriers – the same assessment I use with my personal students and teams.
  3. You receive ready-made lesson summaries (or handouts) I use with my students, which help you stay organized and simplify the coaching process.
  4. You work closely with me and other mental coaches in the program as you start to get more work with athletes.
  5. You learn the top mental strategies I’ve taught to 1000s of athletes worldwide – strategies that I’ve already tested out in the real world.
  6. You continue to hone your skills and learn new tricks of the trade by getting continuing education as a premium member of Peaksports network, my online mental training program.
  7. You learn the basics of how to build credibility and get work with athletes?the right way.
  8. You get 15 Athlete’s Mental Edge Workbooks to use with your clients (a $599 value).

I’ve spent 20 years of my career developing and refining the MGCP program, which I share with you in a 10 to 12-week course.

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Mental Coach Assessment System

Mental Game Assessments

If you help athletes improve their mental game and want to be more effective with helping them build mental toughness, but don’t have a proven system for identifying and assessing your athletes’ mental game, I can help you…

I view this assessment as a way to “interview” athletes before they come in for coaching–and to improve organization and speed up the coaching process. Today, I call it the Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile or AMAP for short. Now you too can learn how to use the AMAP Assessment system with your athletes…

The AMAP System teaches you how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look for when reading the AMAP, and how to do a summary of the AMAP. In addition, you’ll also get follow up questions to ask and how learn about how to drill down on relevant topics.

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