Mental Game Assessments

Is Lack of Consistency a Focus Problem?

Mental Coach Certification

Helping Athletes Improve Consistency A current MGCP student asked the following question: “When an athlete says he lacks consistency in his game, do you investigate this by drilling down to find out more or assume it must be due to a focus/concentration issue?” When athletes perform inconsistently, it’s not always due to a lack of focus. However, coaches and parents …

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Mental Coach Mentoring Videos Welcome

Sports Psychology Certification

I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn, the creator of the Mental Game Coaching Professional Certification program. The purpose of this area of the website is to help new MGCPs and sports psychology coaches improve their mental coaching skills and learn how to get work with athletes. Here, you can keep up to date with the MGCP course postings. You can also access …

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Uncovering Underlying Mental Game Challenges

mental game challenges

What’s The Real Mental Game Challenge? Do parents, coaches or athletes contact you about their lack of focus or confidence in competition? Often, the presenting problem may not be the underlying problem… Athletes and parents often don’t know the REAL mental game challenge. They just understand a lack of focus, tentative performances, and less than par performances. But as a …

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AMAP Mental Game Assessment Q and A

Certified Mental Coach

How The AMAP Assessment System Helps Mental Coaches I’ve received several questions about the AMAP assessment program for mental coaches… Today, I’d like to answer a few questions. Here they are: 1. “I only work with basketball players and I see there are numerous topics in the AMAP that are not about basketball. Can I use the AMAP for basketball …

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Why Mental Game Assessments Help

Mental Skills Assessments

AMAP Assessment Works I was surprised to learn one fact from the results of the survey on using assessments in mental coaching… 28 percent of mental coaches reported they still do assessments the old fashioned way: they use interviews only. I have nothing against using interviews for doing mental game assessments with athletes, but I do think there is a …

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