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Learn How To Effortlessly Do Mental Game Assessments With Athletes & Teams

Mental Game Coach Shares His Entire Assessment System with Mental Game Experts

From the desk of Dr. Patrick Cohn, master mental game coach:

amap-cover-web1If you help athletes improve their mental game, but don’t have a proven system for identifying and assessing your athletes’ mental game challenges, I can help you…

The AMAP Assessment System for mental game coaches and coaches was developed by me, Dr. Patrick Cohn. After working with athletes for over 10 years, I realized the need for a mental game assessment to help understand the athlete’s challenges…

Used by certified MGCPs today, The AMAP System teaches you how to easily identify your athletes’ mental game challenges, what mental game issues to look for when reading the AMAP, and how to do a mental game summary of the AMAP. In addition, you’ll also receive the most important follow up questions to ask and how to drill down (get more details) on relevant topics.

However, the AMAP Assessment System is MUCH MORE than an assessment tool for evaluating your athletes’ mental game. The AMAP has several purposes beyond its use as an assessment tool. These include:

  • For evaluation and assessment.
  • As a starting place for mental coaching.
  • To help you improve your organization.
  • To guide the mental coach for the follow up interview.
  • To help your athlete start to think about their mental game.
  • To assess your mental coaching success after a few months.
  • To help you prepare follow up questions to get more information.

Read more about the AMAP Assessment system @ Peak Performance Sports and what’s included.

Preview the AMAP System Today–Download the AMAT Pre-Coaching Tool

The AMAT (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Test), part of the AMAP System, is given to athletes before your first session. The AMAT test helps mental coaches get a baseline of their athletes’ mental game aptitude. The AMAT post-coaching test is used to help mental coaches track improvement after a mental training program is complete.

Download a FREE copy of the  AMAT pre-coaching test today! Note: the AMAT is just one tool to use with your athletes and when combined with the entire AMAP system, you’ll have the exact assessment system certified mental coaches (MGCPs) receive in the program.

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P.S. If you like the AMAT pre-coaching test, you’ll love the entire AMAP system–the organization it provides and how it identifies mental game challenges.

What MGCPs Are Saying

“The best investment I have ever made!”

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed the MGCP certification program. It has really helped me understand the mental game, but more importantly has outlined a game plan I can use when working with my athletes. It has probably been the best investment I have ever made!” ~Rodney King, MGCP

“Exactly what I needed”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP certification program was exactly what I needed. I searched long and hard to find a program just like this. His specialized MGCP training & certification program provided me with the extra “edge” and mental game tools I needed to expand my practice into sports and improve my mental coaching programs for athletes.”
~John R. Ellsworth, MGCP — Listen to John’s MGCP Success Story

“Better equipped with my new and fine-tuned mental coaching tools”

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge in the area of mental game coaching. The organization and content of the MGCP program manual is an excellent and valuable reference to mental coaching with athletes. You have enhanced my knowledge about peak performance and performance enhancement. I feel better equipped with my new and fine-tuned mental coaching tools and skills to be effective mental game coach. Thanks again.”
~Marc Anderson, LCSW, MGCP — Listen to Marc’s MGCP Success Story

“I am excited to utilize this throughout the next year”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to take your MGCP Course. I am so happy I was able to take this class with you. I am excited to utilize this throughout the next year and to utilize your knowledge as much as I can. Thanks for doing what you do!”
~Jennifer Croneberger, MGCP — Listen to Jen’s MGCP success story

“Can’t be found elsewhere”

“Dr. Cohn’s MGCP program is an outstanding opportunity to advance in the mental work with athletes. It is all practical, soundly theoretically based, and covers the major aspects. Dr. Cohn is an impressive authority, a good presenter, and assists with additional or tailored information whenever asked for. The web site as knowledge base, and the program itself offer compiled information, that can’t be found elsewhere (I’ve completed other programs, and know other web-sites in this field). My deep and sincere thanks for the course – it was impressive, the weekly classes as well as the entire program. I am honored by and very happy with the MGCP program, thank you.”
~Wolfgang Kuner, MGCP