Check Your Email For Your Free AMAT Test

AMAT Pre-Coaching Test


amap-cover-web1We just sent you an email with the attachment of the free test. Check for an email from

If you don’t get the attachment to the free test immediately from us, here’s what you can do:

  1. Wait a few moments–sometimes the email is delayed up to two hours.
  2. Check your spam folder–not all email goes to your inbox.
  3. Attempt to sign up again.
  4. Try another email–some email providers don’t deliver all their email.

Just view the attachment in that email we sent you and you’ll be able to open your free test immediately!

If you still don’t get an email from us within two hours, please contact us at and tell us you want the free test “AMAT Pre-coaching test.”


Dr. Patrick Cohn

Master Mental Game Coach

p.s. The AMAT test is used only to measure improvement from the start of coaching to the end. The full AMAP assessment system includes our five page mental game assessment for individuals and a team specific assessment.

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